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Pictures not scrolling

I cant going to my next pictures! is there any bug! ! how i will see all of them. i tried many times but its not solved.


You could click on one of the pictures and then click on the right arrow that shows up to navigate to the next image. Continue doing that until you get back to the first picture.

This is what I do :smiley:

Also, unless your client has given you their permission to share their private photos and stuff on a public platform such as the Fiverr forum, I don’t think it is a good idea to post those pictures here (even if your intention was only to show the bug). I’d suggest that you edit your message and remove the image.

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thank you for you suggestion but i cant see there any arrow . i am using fiverr about 2 years. its the first time this problem are happening

hmm… I don’t know. Maybe it is different when it is pictures? I don’t know.

But when I usually get many word documents attached along with an order, I just click on one of the attachment and this is what it shows. Do you see the arrows indicated in the red circle? I use those to navigate through all the files and I don’t have any problem.

If you find no means of navigating through all the files you’ve received, I’d suggest that you try opening an incognito session and see if that changes anything (this is equivalent to deleting your cache and cookies from your browser). If it still doesn’t work, I’d suggest that you contact CS.

yes… i thought it. need to contact cs