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Pimp My Gig 2 - Thursday, April 18 2013



Thanks for all your submissions guys! The party is happening here!

That's right guys, we heard you, Pimp My Gig is back!

This Thursday (April 18th 2013), between 12pm - 2:00pm EST (9am -11am PST) our panel will be live on the forum to help Pimp your Gigs!

All you have to do is comment below with your Gig URL. Nicky and Danielle from the Editorial team and Nat and me (Kevin) from the Forum will be giving you tips on Thursday.

Got tips to give? Awesome! Come out and share them :)
We'll be sharing some "quick tips" this time, but we'd love to hear your thoughts also!

Wait... I'm forgetting something... oh yeah... GIVEAWAYS!!!

The sooner you submit your Gig, the better your chances of getting your Gig Pimped.

So don't wait, submit your Gig now!



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My gigs about infographic


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We support each other, the whiteboard scenarists :))


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Hope to get this gig featured because when you come to wordpress seo no one in fiverr gives this much of services for $5

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I must add one video for this gig. Hope to get some ideas :slight_smile:


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