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Pimp you GIG Tricks ►♠♥♣� get more chance to impress buyers!


Hello seller, here is some tips how to pimp your gig…

Why should i Pimp my GIG �

See, take a look at your gig description and ask your self if there is so many lines, can read it carefully or does it look good? So, when you will pimp your gig our valuable buyer can read it more clearly.

Example Pimps :heart:

Please take a look at screenshot i have submitted with this topic.


take a live look on MY this GIG► I will send 3000 UNIQUE real visitor to website,live google analytics for $5

Should i always do it???

No, remember never do it with so much ASCII Code. just use it to clear your description text. dont use too much code otherwise buyer will not like it (may be!!)

How to do it?

Here is all code. check this out and start your pimping…Enjoy…




Thanks for the tips, doing some already and will look to implement some of the others mentioned.


Reply to @bobjt_007: Really thanks for the reply. as i can see you are Level 2 seller. i need to learn more and more from you. I am still a learner. want to far way… need all of your support and kind :smiley:

Thanks :smiley: