Pin a Post on Getting Sales and Proper Gig Set Up


Hi Forum Moderators. Would it be worth it to pin a post to the top on how to get sales or how to improve gigs, so the same topics do not get posted repeatedly.


ooh ooh! Can we start a list?

Things to be pinned on top because they get asked all the time:

  • how to mek sells
  • what gigs to create/sell
  • generic how to improve/write a gig description/profile etc.
  • how to find out if someone else has already asked your question
  • why your response rate goes down even though you answer every message
  • how to get your first order
  • how to get my gig as number 1 on the search


There are pinned posts on topics like these in multiple categories. The new sellers who write questions have rarely read or tried those. I’m not sure more would help when we have so many?

I noticed that @blaisefaint sends out a list of posts on these topics to sellers in Improve my Gig, plus his checklist is pinned:


I was thinking about how you pin about the forum on the very first page you land on in the forum. Something up there titles, new sellers, read this first with a link to posts about these topics.


I think on first use, forum readers get a special banner. It was designed by staff and they chose how to word it personally. Perhaps staff will see your post and add more to it. As it stands,I think its this one:


Perhaps a suggestion than on adding a few things? Just echoing the sentiment here. Tired of seeing the same post. Waters down the forum.


And in response, there are people that claim to have invented the wheel and that open threads with tips for sellers. Some of them contain nice ideas, but a majority is just the same old recommendations put in different words.

I was even thinking of taking it all one step earlier and make some of the Fiverr Academy stuff kind of mandatory when you sign on as a seller.


@silberma1976 Gotcha. I can’t do more about it for now. I get tired of the same posts too. I don’t think they will change no matter what you pin, they never have on 3 versions of forum with wildly varying types of pins and banners and suggestions. Discourse is the best so far since one thing it does automatically is pop up and tell you when it sees you posting something that has been said before.

From what I can tell, newbies usually want personal one-on-one advice for free and most will ignore the pop up, ignore anything else pinned or written, and write a post asking why they don’t make any sales. Sometimes it’s probably a language barrier and they don’t really understand what has been written. Some are too lazy to really read and apply what they see but they want to vent or complain.

For what it’s worth, on the writing forums and gaming forums I participate in, I see the exact same trends. People post all the time asking why their error-riddled books don’t sell. People post ever day on a favorite gaming forum to ask how to get to the next town in the same even though it’s been asked hundreds of times. :weary:


@fonthaunt Thanks for understanding. Good to know it is not just here this happens.