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🍍 ✈ 🌴 Travel Time: Where would you go & with who? 😍 🌺

:desert_island: :pineapple: :bikini: :tropical_drink: :coconut: :hibiscus: :palm_tree: :sunny: :desert_island: :pineapple: :bikini: :tropical_drink: :coconut: :hibiscus: :palm_tree: :sunny: :desert_island:

Just another fun & chill thread to pass the :watch: time.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now… Where would you go and with who? (+1)
Note: It could be a friend, family member, significant other, stranger. Frenemy, pet or even a forum member if that tickles your fancy. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ll :high_heel: kick this thing off…

I would go to Bora Bora (Island in French Polynesia)

The BIG question who would I bring with me? :thinking: Well, Me, Myself & I hahaha. :smile: I’d go alone to get some R&R time - a little outdoor frolic, meditation, skinny dipping, selfies and reading 50 shades of grey :books:. :blush:

  • NO :iphone: phone
  • NO :tv:
  • NO work
  • NO B.S.
  • NO Distractions
  • NO stress and last but not least no male drama. :stuck_out_tongue:

:desert_island: :pineapple: :bikini: :tropical_drink: :coconut: :hibiscus: :palm_tree: :sunny: :desert_island: :pineapple: :bikini: :tropical_drink: :coconut: :hibiscus: :palm_tree: :sunny: :desert_island:

Take it away! :tropical_drink: (pictures are fine, too) Fyi~ post more than once it’s no biggy. See, today I wannabe in Bora Bora tomorrow it’ll be in… well stay tuned! :sunglasses:


You stole mine! I love those over the water bungalows! I will have to :thinking: now.


My destination is :cuba:, interesting country, and I wanna see that vintage culture. Recently, a friend of mine visited Cuba and he was mesmerized by the beaches, the food, the nature and the mentality. I would probably go by myself or with a friend that is adventurist. I wanna catch the time while they are still a communist republic. It’s like going back in time.

However, I would like my phone and laptop with me. It might inspire me to start writing a book (of course in Macedonian, my English isn’t that good).

I would take my :camera: with me, as I love photography. Some of you had already seen my travel photos, they are not pro, but they make me happy so, it’s a win.

Photos of Cuba, not mine!

Okay, selfish! Why don’t you invite a couple fellows forum members. :frowning:


Cool cars! :red_car: :blue_car:


It’s a traveling thread, I’m going to play video games. :grin:




It looks so beautiful and tranquil. I’d love to submerge myself in that environment for a week. :heart_eyes:


Interesting choice. I never thought about :cuba: as a travel destination, I mean with the last regime and everything that came along with it. However, it’s something to think about now, I suppose. I heard a rumor Tupac Shakur is living there. :shushing_face: So, I just might go looking for him :smiley:

Yes! The Vienna photos were amazing, thank you for sharing. :slightly_smiling_face:
I need some new headshots, maybe, just maybe you’ll be the perfect :camera_flash: photographer.

I totally would. (a few names come to mind :stuck_out_tongue:) But then people would get jealz/mad that I didn’t include them on the list. :grimacing:


A travel game like survivor? :sweat_smile:

I :heart: Liam Neeson.


A client from N Carolina sent me this video recently (cos he likes to chat and stuff).
The location is approx 2 hours away from me so perhaps I need to just go and do it…

As for the companion, I am also up for

but if there are other options then perhaps…

Bora-bora seems nice but I would worry that it might get bora-boring after a while


Interesting topic. :smiley:
I would go somewhere where it’s HOT and next to the sea. :desert_island: :stuck_out_tongue: Not like hot, hot, but hot.
My preferred destinations are Cayman Islands, Panama, Australia or New Zealand (don’t know why really as there are a lot of fantastic destinations, but I just like it :smiley:), but well, I will have to work really hard for really long time to make it happen. :slight_smile: I wouldn’t just go to vacations there, but I would love to move there, work there (or freelance if that would bring me enough money to live - or little of both). :smiley:

So if anyone is from these places and knows for a good job - let me know. :smiley: :tropical_drink: :palm_tree:


I would visit some of these, especially numbers 1 and 2:


EGYPT :smiley: :smiley:


I just watched :open_mouth:

One word: BREATHTAKING :heart_eyes:

OMG, so you’re like 2 hours away? Mini getaways should be the thing to do, well with that special someone of course.

Failte Ireland is truly splendid. Maybe this is where I’ll want to be tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m intrigued by the beauty.

The drive

The music & VO was spectacular, too. I’M SOLD!!! :ok_hand:t4:

The bearded lady or a hottie? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Are you sure about that? Nothing is ever boring if you’re with me tho.


I would like to visit St. Petersburg and ofcourse Hermitage museum. I’m amazed with it. :star_struck:


Thanks for sharing this vid some cool destinations.

My faves…

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya. Wow, breakfast with :giraffe:s Yup, I’ll try it!

British Columbia Tree :evergreen_tree: spheres, eco-friendly, like totally.

The hotel Costa Verde airplane retreat is BRILLIANT!

Attrap Reves, France - Outdoor room. The jacuzzi is perf!

Henna-na Hotel, Japan Discobot should apply for a job :robot: @zeus777 tell us more about this amazing place. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean have you ever?

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I agree with your choice. I would not want to stay anywhere that is cold! :snowman_with_snow:


You could go visit @youssefkamel!


You and @catwriter have something in common. :smile:
So who would you take? our dearest :cat: or who?

Nice! … and who would accompany you on this trip?

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I would go to Hawaii with my family! Have always wanted to go there but there is so many amazing places Id love to travel!

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You! But I guess you don’t like winter :snowflake: so I would go alone. :sob:

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