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🍍 ✈ 🌴 Travel Time: Where would you go & with who? 😍 🌺

Ok, but enough about me…

Can one not be both?

Well perhaps, but you never mentioned we would be there at the same time! We could be Bora-Bora neighbors!


Brr, I’m a hot-blooded Island girl so the cold weather is brutal, I have a hard time. :fearful:

I’ll go but I’ll need one of these (faux of course) :stuck_out_tongue:

Faux #1

Faux #2

… and a nice HOT cup of…


Oh and a fireplace :fire: to keep my hands warm. :slightly_smiling_face:

■■■■ Mr. GQ himself is in the building. :yum:

True. You can always take @fonthaunt with you. :slightly_smiling_face: then we’ll have neighborly fun. :upside_down_face:


Well obviously she will be with me - I thought that went without saying?

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The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania so I can go on an African safari!

I would love to relax in one of the luxury hotels, eat like there is no tomorrow and go for a hot balloon through the park - if, I’m really lucky, I may even see lions/leopards/cheetah’s chasing their dinner!

I honestly don’t know anyone with the same vacation ideas as me, so not sure.





Awesome idea, dear! I have those wishes too, but there are a lot of obstacles for traveling some places at this moment, at least for me.

I would love to visit the Victoria Falls, which are in Central Africa, that’s one of the few places that I would love to see in Africa. :heart_eyes:


An African safari trip sounds splendid, indeed! :sunglasses:
This lioness wants to see the BIG bad :lion: and :tiger:!

@gig_freak would be the perfect travel partner. :elephant:


I would love to try some of those dishes in an African restaurant in a unique atmosphere:

@vickiespencer what do you think of those recipes, are they any better than Eggplant Parmigiana?


You’re obsessed with :eggplant: :sweat_smile:
I understand why tho - so many nutritional factors.

Do you like sweet potatoes?

Aubergine, Okra and tomato curry sounds delish. :yum:

With a side of South African roasted Eggplant salad.

Look at this beaut a white male lion with blue eyes.


I love sweet potatoes and zucchini, too shame there is no emoji for that vegetable. Yeah, Okra is awesome too! I love their flavours.

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Notting Hill / London Area to have a walk tour of these areas. With who? Anyone interested in this type of travel :airplane: But I would try to go on a sunny day :sunny: even though the weather is unpredictable. :cloud_with_rain:

Go To The Bookstore :books:

And To Eat Fresh Chocolate at Melt Chocolates Holland Park :chocolate_bar:


Definitely faux #2 I can’t imagine how soft it is :smiley: But you won’t need one if we go in June. :wink:

White nights occur in June

What a nice midnight. :smiley:


Off topic: Why is system editing my posts? It says: “downloaded local copies of images” this happend for my previous post too.

I love traveling alone :smiley:
I have a plan to visit in Chandpur, next month (120km distance from home though)



I’m gonna go see Eoin with Nika. HAHAHAHAHA.
Let’s see, what would be a good "souvenir/ hello nice to meet you finally in person"
gift from Japan to bring with me…?


Your :eggplant: recipes are too exotic for me. Give me good old eggplat parmesan any day.


I love the bright colors of the buildings. It reminds of San Francisco, CA in the :us:
However, the :uk: is def on my list :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Fresh :chocolate_bar: omg I’ll be :drooling_face:

@offlinehelpers you dig this place or what?

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Yeah. I’ve always wanted a coat with faux fur trim.

Wow, lovely image. The hue is kinda dreamy!

The architecture of that museum is just spectacular.

I can’t wait to see where you want to go tomorrow.

It’s just an automatic downloading of images. It happens when you insert an image link so it’s downloading a copy to the server. However, if you save the image to your :computer: and then upload it you wouldn’t see the edit. :wink:

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I hear ya! :smiley:

Is it like a :fishing_pole_and_fish: fishing town? Have you ever heard of ROHU?
I bought some today. My plan is to fry it (nice sauce) with some basmati :rice: :yum:


I don’t know what @eoinfinnegan wants but… I want some Japanese snacks nom-nom, some spicy noodles and my very own Japanese :tea: set! :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you want from the :us:?


Chandpur is famous for iLish fish :wink: I just googled ROHU :smiley: , we called it RUWi. I like its taste.


Oh, nice!

I bought a 5lb bag rohu. Sliced and everything easy peasy.

I’ve tried it before and it’s tasty. Although, I had to get used to the bone thingies.
But the meat is so, so delish.