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🍍 "Milestones" New Update (Oct17) ❗


“Milestones” New Update

Note: The Milestones feature is still not available for all sellers, and in all categories.

Read more about it here… :anchor:

Milestone Deliveries
How to unlock milestones
This is new. Milestone deliveries
Cost Problem With Buyer
Testing, Testing, 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ad infinitum
Can anyone tell me why this message is given to me?
Milestone Deliveries

Pinned coz this really is cool although I don’t have it yet so bleuhhhh to all you people that Fiverr thinks are Beta than me.


Oh I like this.

The other update, not so much.

But this one is kinda cool


My guess is they want sellers to feel comfortable in accepting larger orders.
Which is A-OK in my :blue_book:! :smile:


This is awesome for bigger projects.


I still don´t see any of those on my end, but having this one will make me happy! Like a kid on a toy store


So Paul- you spoke with Trisha and 10 minutes later we have milestones…
Any chance you could mention chargebacks next time :wink:
PS. Milestones themselves SHOULD be a good step in dealing with chargebacks as they will show a pattern of acceptance of work which is a clear indicator to PP that the work was delivered - IF CS respond to the dispute.


Feel my power!! MWUHAHAHAHAHA


Sadly, they did not discuss much behind the scenes stuff with me… although I did mention it would be nice to see them on the forums more. You were mentioned @eoinfinnegan - in a very positive light. Something about being a good guide for a self-policing forum community.


Yet again not part of the Beta test. Still waiting on my available now feature too.


It’s a dope update, but I haven’t got it.

You know when I used on websites where you are supposed to bid for work, explaining the milestones great had helped me a lot in winning the contracts. :slight_smile:

Personally, this would be really useful for me, because sometimes, I am scared to take big orders due to a chargeback.


Didnt get the update. I had 3 custom orders today but didnt see this


So far 1/2.

I didn’t get the Available Now feature, but after reading the craziness surrounding this feature. I guess that’s a good thing. The milestones feature is definitely more beneficial for me,


Got the Milestones new update and placed my first milestone offer…!


This option is really very good. I like this :slight_smile:


A super cool feature when they get it out there for all, and certainly helpful for those larger orders. Now a client will have a hard time saying they don’t like the complete project, and demand a cancellation/refund after all the work is done.

If the buyer is going to cancel, at least we will have some check points along the way. Actually great for the legit buyers too (which is most of them). They will see the work in progress rather than just the final. In my mind a huge win.

[MOM Bragging]
Totally stealing the thread (sorry!)

The explainer video for that feature is my adult sons voice, and my husband did the music track. Always fun being the Mom when these new features go live and the video just pops up for me.


I don’t get it. What happens if the buyer hates your final delivery? Do you lose it all?

I’d rather close orders, and have them order again ASAP.


I guess Fiverr observed I was no longer regular on the forum and stopped sending any Beta tests my way…:confused: Bleh!!!

Why do I feel like it’s their loss, not mine?:cry:


You don’t lose all. You still get paid for all the completed milestones.


It will be very helpful for large projects.

Like for UI and UX design.

Seller can set first milestone for UX design and if buyer like the UX design then can continue with next milestone.


I know of regulars who still don’t have this feature - so there’s no way for this feature to be granted based on (or solely on) forum activity/status :slight_smile:

“Although it’s not currently open to all sellers in all categories, it is being tested and hopefully will be open to the entire marketplace very soon”

Just like the Available Now feature, it’s in beta and sent only to a smaller group of sellers for testing.