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PING_Fiverr gig SEO


Hi , I wanna know what if I use ping online service or hire a freelancer to ping my fiverr account or any single gig for seo purpose ! Is that okay or it’s against fiverr rules ?
Looking for advice please.


Any sort of manipulation is against the rules. “Pings” or impressions/views don’t do anything useful in Fiverr anyway. They are just for your analysis. Fake ones are meaningless.


If you send fake traffic for getting more views on your fiverr gigs…That will affect badly on your gigs.Because your views will increase but the sales will normal then the gig rating will be decrease because you are getting views but no sales… And I think pining a gig url can make the gig hidden from the search…


That won’t increase sales or do anything useful and could possibly cause fiverr to ban you or remove your gigs.

I’m so sick and tired of people thinking up ways to try to cheat the system.

There is only one thing that works and that’s doing what you are supposed to do: being the best or near it at what you do, and having gigs that show that.

This site works incredibly well for good sellers who never try to take shortcuts. It gets rid of sellers or somehow makes sure they do not get sales whenever you become one of the many that think you are smarter than fiverr and can cheat.

I have no idea why it would even occur to you to think up the idea of pinging your gigs. Just no.