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Pinned Topics? Good idea or not?

I didn’t really know where to put this - I just think it’s a tad frustrating that the same topics are made every single day in this forum. I guess this is ironic, because I’ve seen posts like THIS one also, but it would be nice if Fiverr maybe pinned a few of these recurring threads so that new users could just see them straight away, rather than making yet another post called “How to get first order as new seller”, “I was on the first page of search results, now I’m on the last”, “Why am I not getting orders”, “How to increase gig ranking” etc.

I feel like the forum is a great resource which isn’t really being used to it’s full potential because of these topics which are literally posted multiple times a day, every single day.

What would you guys think about having some of these threads just pinned to the top of the forum, so new sellers could check them out?


It wouldn’t work. To solve the problem it would be necessary a mechanism like the one used by Stack Exchange, where topics, questions and answers are moderated. Most of these people seem impermeable to the idea that their question has been already answered and they need to do some research.


I know that for me, I didn’t even really understand how to use the search function the very first time I tried the fiverr forum (since I’ve never really used forums before at all), so having a couple of very visible pinned topics may have been beneficial for me to be able to browse through some commonly asked questions.

That said, I do think you’re right about many people thinking that for some reason, their situation is different, or the answers won’t apply to them for some reason so they need to make their own topic…


It was done in the past. There were even banners at the top of the forum notifying people of a certain situation and where the proper topic for it was, and yet they kept creating topics of their own.


It does not surprise me that pinning topics didn’t deter sellers from asking repetitive questions.


My particular favourite is the repetitive “why don’t buyers read the description?” posts.

Presumably for the same reason people who ask that question don’t read any of the posts asking the same thing …


It’s great irony, eh?


Trust me, Mods hate the repetitive topics just as much as anyone else and if there were ways to get them all concentrated into one thread it would be done.

I think part of the problem is not looking at how the search system works but also the reality is the vast majority of these people have no chance of getting anywhere on Fiverr.
If they see the category “tips for sellers” and don’t think that maybe, just maybe, that is the place for a new seller who is looking for tips should go then really what are the chances of of them getting anywhere here? Or walking and breathing simultaneously…

But they don’t or won’t want to understand that and instead they want people to hold their hand and give them a way to make money with as little effort as possible.

It’s the old thing of those who read more than they write/speak tend to be the smartest/successful ones.


This brings to mind the seller who asked why he didn’t get sales on his gig entitled
I will design awful tickets in 24 hours. And it hasn’t been changed.

I wasn’t sure if his understanding of English was not good, or he didn’t notice the mistake. Either way it seems likely that his gig won’t get sales.


Lol! Too funny, @misscrystal! English, hey … “ticket design that inspires awe” is definitely not the same as “awful tickets”!

And @eoinfinnegan - when I first started selling here, your series on how to get orders was really helpful … and worked!


That’s great to hear - you clearly read more than you write :slight_smile:
I wrote the series because another seller - jamesbulls (nicest guy you will ever meet but sadly banned for IMO silly reasons) - wrote a 39 point guide which gave me all I needed to know getting started and I wanted to expand on that for people.


Lol! Kid’s birthday parties - I was always the one in the corner reading a book.

Seriously, though - I think you’ve probably helped a lot of people.


I think he meant the title to say, “I will design AWESOME tickets in 24 hours”

Pretty funny that it has not been changed.


It will not work because every user will not see all pinned topics. there should be restriction for activating the same topic. Repeated topic should be freeze and not to pass to publish.

Now that you mentioned it, I remembered that, when you start a new topic and start typing in it, you get a message informing you about similar topics already on the forum, and a question whether you really want to start a new topic even though similar (or the same) ones already exist.

Apparently, people ignore that, too. Why would they read some warnings and notifications anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps, they are convinced that endleslly asking the same things, at some point, will provide a different answer. :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

Don’t blame me. I’m just trying to figure out an answer to such an illogical behaviour of these people. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: