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Pinterest blocked fiverr link


I had tired to open to fiverr site link through Pinterest pinned image i find out the Pinterest had blocked the fiverr site.
Is anyone tired to the redirect fiverr link on Pinterest?



I face same problem here.


Yes i had i usually promote my fiverr service through Pinterest unfortunately Pinterest had blocked fiverr link, Now fiverr had to something about this issue, In this case fiverr will loss more traffic from Pinterest.


Did you already posted that link before ?


I also face same problem here.


yes i had posted 1 year ago


Sounds as if, once more, too many people spamming links instead of using the option carefully, ruined it for everyone.

What did it say when you clicked the ‘Learn more’ button?


Yes it said "
Learn more "


Yeah. You mean you didn’t click the button? Then maybe try that and it might tell you why they blocked your link.


Yes, Same here…


Same here , anyone knows that why this is happened?


Pinterest doesn’t allow links such as Fiverr’s.