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Pinterest for Advertising

Does anyone use Pinterest for advertising their gigs? If so, what are your results?

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Depends on your niche and what you post.

Might be interesting for you to search for ‘pinterest demographics’ - it’s quite unique amongst social media networks.


i use them for my whiteboard animations.

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I do writing. So, not sure. But FB and tiwtter yield crap

I tried Pinterest and it was not successful for me. I felt it was the wrong audience for my gigs at the time. I think (personally) Pinterest appeals more to people interested in arts, crafts, interior design, hobbies, stuff likely that.

I had much more success from Quora and forums about pets and animals, but I had to get involved as a community member for that to work. I could see Pinterest as a possibility for a graphic designer, perhaps, since you could pin lots of samples? Just guessing.


Spot on @fonthaunt!

The number one niche I believe is food and cooking. :sunny:


I use Other social network except pinterest

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please do tell us what other platforms you are using?
it may help us!

Pinterest ads are very much underutilized compared to other social platforms, but they offer immense opportunities to showcase your products to more people. A tweet can be measured in minutes, posts on Facebook exist only for a few hours, but a pin on Pinterest can last a thousand times longer.

Pinterest ads, also known as Promoted Pins, is a pay-for-position system that allows your product to reach 250 million monthly users on Pinterest.

Likewise, Pinterest has many pins for various ads, and it can be applied accordingly. As a newbie, I also had many queries on this! But as I started posting my ads, I was hugely benefitted!