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Piracy on Fiverr

Hello Fiverr Community.

Over the past year that I’ve been an active seller here I’ve seen the ups and downs of this marketplace. Most of the downs are overcome by the ups, but there are still a few that remain… in particular software piracy, aka the use of nulled wordpress themes in my case.

What doesn’t make sense to me is that these violations are being asked for on Buyer Requests, a system which for every request must be approved by a Fiverr staff member… That means a staff member has seen the content and has let it through anyway. To top that off, there isn’t even a way for us to report this content as without sending the buyer an offer, we can’t get their username…

Has anyone else experienced this?


They have some filters in place, but not an actual human being reading through requests before they’re approved. If there was a staff member who had to approve the request manually, there would be no sellers advertising themselves in BR, or people asking for someone to do their homework, or foot fetishists, to mention just a few.


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I have been getting request from fiverr sellers frequently in the BR section. These requests are not appropriate and should be filtered out as well.

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What is a nulled theme?

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Usually nulled themes can be found on suspicious websites which are full of ads and can lead you to another websites with similar content.


Nulled means hacked or cracked, basically. Sad to see so many sellers volunteering to provide said content :scream:

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As long as there are buyers there will be sellers. I’d punish both :slight_smile: