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Pissed off and dissapointed in the way fiverr threats me


Just and update, I got my level 2 back :smiley:

Time heals (took over 2 months) (-: got that as Christmas gift of Fiverr this year.

Now I just will make sure I don’t hit against the same stone twice… :">

I previous posted a success story… well i ques I will have to change the story.

The last 2 days fiverr been on my ass all the time.

I give people information to people about e-commerce modules and what the best fit is.

On the end of the gig is seemed like he needed special module for his website. So i gave him the alternatives. Advice he paid for. And yes, i offered him a link were the module was. This module is not free. Some hours later I get fiverr on my ass because i linked to third party website? How the f* can I do my work? Isnt that what a gig is all about. You inform your customer what options they have. I also offer i could make the module for him. Its still the customer choice right?

Seems like a CEO needs to build his swimming pool with our pennies.

Why I am so annoyed is that i made over 108 orders till this date and 8 processing. 98% positive.

They just took of my level 2 for that. Thats pretty nal.

Gets even worse…

next day get another warning (who cares right?? level is 0 anyway) - about i would accept people that let me program scripts "that performing services for a buyer who is marked as potentially violating intellectual property rights (e.g. trademarks, copyright etc…)"

So definition of potentially?? I am a programmer. All scripts are open-source, else i would be able to code in it.

They did not give me more info about what gig it is, because i got 8 order processing.

I just wonder… potentially… doesnt mean anything, right? no dmca notice or anything right? No legal docs…

Proof the fact its illegal with a legal warrant next time, don’t bullshit me about potentially.

I am tired being the b
of fiverr and paying someones yacht… I am done with this. Worked hard, made you guys more than 1000$ sales…

If you don’t give me the respect as worker than I can’t give you my respect if your actually wanna be anal with your rules.


Reply to @rebesign: My levels are still removed but i went on, passed the 1100$ mark (; WITHOUT a level… having a level is not important at all!



I hear you and I do have an empathetic ear.

I teach performance courses at a college and issues such as infringement, improper use, copyright, privacy, terms of service are all standard topics.

You would have to prove that your reputation was in fact destroyed. I’m not saying it wasn’t, I’m saying you would have prove it. Just saying it doesn’t make it so.

Have you actually read Fiverr’s TOS? It’s a good read.

You can send Customer Support screen shots of any pages as part of your plea for reinstatement, and see if there can be any leniency.

I don’t know your business, but it seems that a smart guy like you could craft a method to serve your customers and at the same time adhere to the TOS.

The fact that we pay 20% of our hard work, doesn’t mean that Fiverr owes us any respect.

It’s a mutual business agreement to follow certain guidelines and together realize gains.

I hope things turn around for you.



Reply to @voiceoverwork: sure, but is that reason to destroy my reputation?

Fiverr doesn’t even communicate with me about what i did wrong. Its like getting a slap in the face.

Its a disgrace against my reputation, A disgrace of all work I committed to fiverr.

Linking too the user website to show him what change I made, can not be done following fiverr rules… If your a web dev on fiverr, how in the name do you explain your customer in what you have done? How to work with a module,…

From now on I will need to follow ryuken method.

If they checked all my post they would seen i requested customers todo the work on fiverr. Denied communication via skype ect…

But I ques fiverr never gives brownie points for that right?


Reply to @muvpeople4ward: I am totally feeling ya!


This same thing happened to me today. I had a guy reach out to me about changes to his resume. It’s normal because I tell people after I do it, “all changes and updates are FREE”. So, as you can imagine my gig is pretty popular. I give him some advice and then tell him about a third party site. I had NO IDEA there was a rule against it. I just thought it’d be a good vehicle for him to make some side cash as a graphics designer since he’s getting ready to quit his job. After I send the message I get the thing that pops up on the screen. With an “Oops” button. I’m like okay. My bad. I push the button and go on my way. No intentional foul there.

I look up… LEVEL 2 IS GONE! LEVEL 1 TOO! On the first offense! I cleared nearly 70 gigs in 2 months! And that’s how they do me? And I put in a ticket totally apologizing about the whole thing.

No answer.

I’m so hurt. Like, WHAT? That’s how you do me?




You are upset. Understood.

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other.

If you did violate the TOS by giving out third party links, then you must own it.

You can cry, beg for mercy and plead ignorance, but Fiverr has protocols and they will have the last and final word.

I appreciate that you are annoyed and every other emotion, but your argument might hold up better without subjective references to CEOs building swimming pools.

No one here knows how the “f***” you are to do your job. It’s your job to figure that out within the confines of the law and Fiverr’s TOS.

If you’ve made 108 and sales and this is the first time this happened, count your blessings and get back on track.



I suggest making a word or pdf report with your advice. That way you can add as many links to other sites as you can and it totally is responsibility of the buyer to deal with the links. Fiverr is protecting their own system from being manipulated or abuse with such rules. I hope this helps.


I’m sorry that happened to you, HOWEVER the site on which you are operating (fiverr, in this case) has the right to implement any rules they see fit. You, as the user, no matter how much you make, agreed to their ToS when you signed up, and thus you have to follow them, like it or not.

I see the 20% as payment for using their platform, not them taking our money forcibly. They need money to run servers, keep the site nice and clean, update and so on and forth. You are giving out that 20% for sustaining a site that you use and helps you make money. In my opinion you are being unfair when talking about how they swim in money because of you. Fiverr doesn’t owe you anything, you are the one using their services.

The third party site rule is there for many a reason, amongst which are spamming, bad faith sites, and scams that can happen if the buyer is naive.

Change your attitude, and be smart about referring to third party sites if you need to refer to them.

Also, contact fiverr staff (not with the tone from the original post, tho, please). They’re usually very helpful and I’m sure you and fiverr can find common ground on this issue to solve it and gain back your level.

Best of luck!

 Half of the gigs on Fiverr would need to be deleted if we couldn't communicate links. How are you going to have someone work on your website? Advertise your URL? Comment on your blog? Get followers to your Facebook page? etc, etc. If you try to conduct business in the messaging system, it might block your message. The automated system may issue a warning, which could effect your ability to advance. It will even take off your levels. Most people that have been here for awhile just try to get around the system by sending the information in a file. Fiverr knows this. There is no possible way they don't. I think they should figure out a better way. They could start by not allowing the automated system to remove levels. I think only a human being should judge if that's necessary.<br />

@benwpr You sound like a nice guy, that's also making money for Fiverr. I hope CS helps you.


I can sympathize with you, benwpr. Last month I got “spanked” by Fiverr & demoted from Level 2 to Level nobody. A new member out of the blue wrote to me asking some general questions about being on Fiverr. I directed her to the Forums but did answer some of her questions. She was very grateful because apparently no one else had responded to her in any way, I was the only one, and she had more questions. Frankly I was annoyed at first, again sending her to the Forums but trying to be nice. Well, as it turned out we ended up just talking back & forth & were enjoying a sort of conversation. Obviously Fiverr is not appropriate for socializing; all we wanted to do was chat with each other away from Fiverr, so I tried to give her my personal email address. Wham! I got slammed, demoted, kicked in the stomach. Yeah I know, TECHNICALLY what I did was wrong, but sheesh, anyone with half a brain could’ve looked at our communications & seen it had nothing to do with buying or selling or gigs, not even remotely. And THAT is what I found so infuriating. There was no person to complain to about it. I happened to have a ticket in with CS so I added an expletive-filled email about what happened & it got added to my original problem. I don’t know if someone actually reviewed that issue but I did jump back to Level 2 after completing 10 more jobs, when I expected to have to go through Level 1 again, first.


Your lucky, probably around 35 gigs or so, still a nobody, but i dont care anymore, I sell without level.