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Pissed off by this behaviour

Recently, i have experienced 3-4 buyers, who posted buyer request, and then upon reading my offer they contacted me. Discussed everything, the details, got the sample of my previous work, and then what? Delayed by saying that i need some days to decide, That whether i need it to be done or not.

I have invested all days and nights, without sleeping just to wait for their replies, to match the timings, so that they don’t have to wait for my replies. This behaviour is so annoying, like didn’t you think first that you wanted to get this job done or not, before posting a request?

And some buyers just don’t bother replying after getting out all the information. It really pisses me off.

Some buyers just don’t respect your efforts, interests and time. I believe that there should be equal sense of responsibility and respect, on both sides, for each other. :sleepy:


Hi There…,

Why you should bother with this? It’s happens everytime.
Buyer ask for portfolio we gave them and done. It just took a few min.
Buyer will compare our work with other competitior first…,especially when they are busy, it sometimes took few days…, If buyer didn’t reply to us…, so what? Just let it go and do something else productive.

Sometimes…, Buyer saw that our work didn’t match with their requirement, and they politely say “will think about it”

Or…, Buyer send so many quote to may seller, and they won’t bother to tell each of seller that they already found right seller.

just my two cents :slight_smile:


In the service world that means “thanks for your time, I will look at other sellers, compare your offer to theirs and after that I’ll decide if I want to go with your offer or not”.

They are not deciding if they need this project, they are deciding if the want to choose you for that project.

Discussing something with someone in messaging system doesn’t bound them to buy exactly from you.

That’s how things work in any service industry, that’s how sales professionals get their sales targets: they invest time into chatting and explaining things to clients and if they decide to buy it then they win.


It was my first time experience with these type of buyers, so it did affected me.
But lets just go with the flow…

Maybe i’m taking it to hard to my heart. I’ll learn bearing these experiences too, as it was mine first time.

the flow is a good thing to go with

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