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Pissed with paypal. unrelated to fiverr

Recently got my account restricted by paypal and they said I have to wait 180 days, the case was that my visa had no “e” in the end while my mastercard had it. like (smith and smithe). I had saved 5k to buy some personal stuff that I really needed and asking me to wait 6 month is the same as asking me to blow my brains. I am planning on grabbing some forks and launching a full blown retaliation. What would you suggest one do in such a situation because calling them has been hectic, same reply call us back after 180 days.


This does sound like a major inconvenience, but I’m not sure there is anything you can do… other than patiently waiting those 180 days.

It’s like I had a guardian angel because when my card expired I changed my fiverr withdrawal to my brother’s paypal account. I think there is something paypal isn’t telling me.

They think there is some kind of fraud involved so that might be what they aren’t telling you.

Usually your name is spelled the same on all your cards.

Are you saying you have $5000 in your Paypal account?

Yes there was approximately 5000$ to be exact 4957$. The name on my visa was in the format (on two three) while that on the mastercard is (one two three) surely there couldn’t that big of a difference, there was an inconvenience with the name on my visa but my bank told me I had nothing to worry about they helped me open my paypal and input the name as it was on my visa so that I could link it. When I went to the bank to collect the mastercard I demanded they put things right and thats when they added the missing character.

It’s never a good idea to leave any money in Paypal since they are known to do things like this. They also are able to withdraw money from any bank account they put it into as strange as this sounds.

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The reason why I had the money in the account was because, I wanted to buy something and the seller accepts dollars since he is overseas. It’s time to try out apple pay maybe they are better

That’s really sad :disappointed:
I never had good experience with PayPal as a freelancer/seller.
Once the person opens a chargeback, PayPal limits my account and block me to accept other payments on my PayPal account.
Currently, My $170 payment is on hold from last two months still they are not able to solve the issue.
I switched over to Payoneer to accept payments and according to me, its the best payment processor for freelancers.

I’m afraid that in my experience there is no way to get a Paypal account unrestricted. I first opened and verified mine when I lived in New Zealand. A few years later they then restricted me out of the blue when I was back in the UK and trying to swicth the bank account I had linked to my Paypal. I just forgot about it in the end until when I discovered Fiverr and I had access again. Now, though, mainly I use Payoneer for pretty much this exact reason.

180 is a bit much, yes. You could try to get them to speed it up by posting on their Twitter, FB or something perhaps. So that they can demonstrate exceptional customer care to the world.

@negiservice funny thing is that I have never had any charge back in that account neither have I ever launched any dispute over any of the items I have ever bought.
@cyaxrex I think I might also go the payoneer way since PayPal have proved to be impossible to work with.
@miiila I posted on their twitter and fb and all that did was redirect me to their contact number where I was told their was nothing they could do.


In fairness, Payoneer isn’t perfect. There are the charges. However, if you are clever, you can get around these. I make 3 x swipey card transactions a month which stops me being charged $3 for inactivity or $3 every time I use an ATM. I then transfer large amounts (when I have large amounts) to my Skrill card which I can use at ATM’s without being charged. Also, while I hate anything which costs me money, I do have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by how convenient Payoneer is for me. - Just make sure to apply through Fiverr so you don’t get stung with the usual annual account fee.

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Oh well, pity, for you, and them. I only needed PP customer service twice, and it was not exactly an outstanding but an okay experience. Six months waiting time really is asking too much for something like that. :frowning: Can´t you get the bank to confirm the name issue and send it to them/contact them on your behalf, or did you already?

Or Bitcoin…(20 characters)

Well good luck with your case. I have been trying to get my name changed on my Paypal account for almost a year now. Countless emails, letters, faxes with copies of my ID’s were left unanswered and to this point my attempt was unsuccessful. I followed their directions multiple times but somehow they just can’t manage to process my request. It’s super frustrating and at this time I am trying to debate if I ill stick with PP or just switch over to Payoneer. :rage:

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Same - just with Payoneer. I’m starting to think that multi-million corporations with a monopoly on the industry don’t care what their customers think.