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Pixarstudios : Got my first order

You have a brilliant product or service. You have a great understanding of it. But for some reason sales profit is not as fast as you would love it to be. Mostly it happens because customers don’t fully understand all the advantages of your company. Video explainers will allow transforming complex information in to easily perceive form.

Well guess what, we have got a solution for you. Introducing PixarStudios, we will simplify the message behind your business or brand and transform it into a powerful, effective, and easy to understand Explainer video. Our Explainers are dynamic, engaging that will clearly communicate your goals in an engaging manner.

Type of Explainers you can receive:

Product Promotion Videos
Affiliate Review Explainer
Amazon Product Review Videos
Offline Business Promotion Commercial
Videos From Text Articles
EXPRESS Video Sales Letters
Business Presentation Style Commercial
Amazing Photo Slideshows
Logo Intros & Stingers
Mobile App or Website Presentations

& A Whole Lot More!

All explainers are delivered in 1920x1080p HD , mp4.

We will work closely with you, make suggestions and provide great customer support.

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Hi there, I don’t mean to be the police here, but especially since you are in the video creation business I thought I’d warn you that since you have just started, you or Fiverr will probably get a C&D from the actual:


You may want to look at starting over with a name that will not get blown up for copyright infringement now, long before it costs you 100 reviews. Cause someone will notice.


so what should I do now ? any suggestion ?

Not much you can do. You could contact CS, but I doubt they would allow you to change it. At least they could tell you what your options are. I figure you can either pause the gig, wait till your funds clear, withdraw them and then close your account. Then make a new one.

I know thats not good, but I’d hate to see you in 6 months with 75 orders to your name, and then fiverr closes your account because Pixar has served them with a C&D.