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Place the order and RUN!


Dear Buyer,

Yes, that’s right. Go on, place an order with me and then sod off for two days, giving me a 3 word instruction in the order requirements and failing to order the commercial license extra, as the voice over is for business purposes.

I sent you a polite reminder with the order upgrade - and noticed you were still online at the time - but you didn’t respond. I decided to leave it for 24 hours and send you another reminder. Again, no response.

So I leave it for another 12 hours and then see that you have been online since I sent you the reminder…still no response. So I send another reminder.

I wonder, do you actually read your messages - do you see them? Or do you just log into the site and stare at the homepage for a few minutes, trying to remember why you are there and then log out again?

Do you know who you are? Where you are? What year it is? Who’s the President? Anything? Hello?

Tell you what - keep the $10. Use it to buy some Ginkgo Biloba supplements. Seems like you need them.

In the spirit of diplomacy, I send you a request to extend the delivery time, as there are only 3 hours remaining on the order and I really do want to help you out and do the job for you. Two and a half hours later and guess what? No response. I guess you were distracted by bright colours and patterns.

So, in the end, Dear Elusive “Buyer”, I had to cancel. Thanks for that; my second cancellation this weekend, which has made my completion rate and - probably - my sales ranking drop.

Do me and my fellow sellers a favour in future, please - don’t ingest plant fertilizer and then log into Fiverr.

Yours existentially,



I don’t understand why people do this either. They are online and see your messages about an order they placed but never answer. It makes no sense. Even if there is a language barrier they could at least try to say something.


I had a client like that last year. They ordered a website revamp from me, provided access and no response after that. Since it was a rather expensive gig I did my job, delivered and the order was automatically accepted after 3 days. I never heard from the client and the website isn’t up anymore either. Not sure what happened.
That’s why I love the automatic delivery option. I will do the job according to the requirements provided and it’s client’s responsibility to respond when it’s time for their input.

If someone would order an article from me I would do the same thing no matter if they provide a detailed description or not. If they don’t like it they can request up to 2 revisions(which doesn’t mean rewriting) and after that their only option is cancellation through CS. Good luck with that :wink:


Same here! No answer sometimes, even they are online :roll_eyes:
I even had to write in one of the requirements: Please check inbox often in case I have some questions… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


They don’t know what to say. This is too much work for them. They have to use their brain, come up with some kind of message, but the brain gives them nothing, it’s a blank space. Pushing that order button was easy and something they could manage to do. And they know they want something from you but that’s as far as the thought process goes. Then it’s a dead end after that.

No one is home upstairs.


Indeed, do the job - providing they have paid what is due for the services they’ll receive. In my case that didn’t happen - I got the script and very short instructions and it was enough for me to go on.

The money, however, wasn’t. :wink:


Usually, if all else fails, a cancellation request seems to light up their synapses.

“What’s going on?”, they asked incredulously and then finally you get all the details you need.

It shouldn’t have to come to that; not if the spinal cord touches the base of the skull, anyway.


It’s a mystery, no one knows where they go :thinking: Is it an alien invasion? :alien: Did they disappear through a portal? Nobody knows :confused:

Since you mentioned that, I actually had a buyer yesterday who wanted to cancel an order just because I sent him his website files on delivery. Which apparently, were a lot of files.
He opened a dispute and the reason was “its too much work for me to do that I do not understand”. Like seriously? :expressionless:

I laughed so hard because of your thread, Jon. I had the same experience A LOT of times before. They know how to order a gig but not to respond to sellers’ messages, that doesn’t make sense at all. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Most probably they see messages if they are online. Even if you forget your browser opened, you will be offline after a few time later as being inactive for a while.

I think this kind of people behave same in their private life :slight_smile: They reply their messages late even they read them or they do not accept calls :slight_smile:

The weird think for me to see “I will send requirements soon” in requirements page. If they are not ready why you order? If they are not ready just leave the requirements blank. Than they never come back. It seems both late delivery and cancellation :frowning: As CS always advise to wait the buyers reply till deadline come.


This is a bit tricky. Buyers don’t know what kind of requirements they will be asked and if your requirements are mandatory then some buyers might think that they will revisit the order once they have more time.


They are the same ones who never text back. Then three months later you get text from them: “hey”


I don’t think anyone should send a bunch of files as a website since many people don’t know what to do with them.


I would agree with this one. If I’m a business owner and don’t know anything about web development then why should I know how to install a website. Some of my clients don’t even know who is hosting their site.


Sounds like a case of, “before you dive in, make sure you can swim.”

I know my limitations of knowledge; I don’t know jack about how to build a website, so I would pay someone gladly to do it for me, or use Wix, or something.


Yeah I do agree that he might not know what to do with them. But these are the source files, I have to deliver them. I usually just upload it to his hosting provider. But this time, he requested the files. (Maybe he thought it was just a simple one file to open or somehting.)

Am I able not to deliver the website files upon delivery? That would be much better for me honestly. I don’t know if you face the same issue. But every time I try to upload a 1Mb+ zipped file on Fiverr, it just freezes and never completes the uploading process. It’s not about my internet, I tried it several times but it keeps doing the same thing until finally, they’re uploaded.


I don’t know much about your target audience, but my clients expect me to install the entire website on their server. Most of my sites are over 150MB so I wouldn’t be able to attach a migration package anyway.
For me it’s basically a 10min job, but I’ve had clients who spent hours trying to replace their old site with a new one. That’s why they hire me. They want the hands-off experience.

With the order I only deliver a handover document (PDF file that includes access credentials, features, revisions, usability guides, FAQs etc.)


Sounds Great!

I think that most of my buyers are not really interested in having the website files. I just deliver them so they could have it as a backup files on their computer. I do as well upload it to their server. But I might start uploading it to the server only instead of both.

For uxreview

Thank you for the conversation we had about WordPress recently. I really did learn from it a lot! I watched the video you sent me along with other videos, I think I’m in love with WordPress right now. (I wasn’t at the beginning, I thought it’s all about PHP complex coding, but it isn’t!)

I think I’ll go for the Divi theme, I just need more time to understand how it works and all that stuff.

Once again, thank you for the help! :slightly_smiling_face:


Feel free to reach out to me once you’ve finished your first site. I’d be happy to take a look and maybe even point out some of the common pitfalls :slight_smile:


Jon, I always make a note on those and am sure to send a cancellation when there are a little more than 2 days till delivery. That way, if they continue to ignore and don’t respond to the cancel request, it will cancel automatically before it goes late.

And somehow, magically sending a cancel seems to get their attention a bit more anyway. Often, they’ll then write back asking not to cancel. At that point I usually agree not to if they agree to extend delivery a day or 2.


Even a cancellation request didn’t seem to sway this person out of their toilet-cleaner induced stupor.

You have to admire the steadfastness and resolve of someone like that. cough

But yes, I think I’m going to employ the same principles as you - hopefully, the next time I need to won’t be for a while though. Thanks for the heads-up. :slight_smile: