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Place the order and RUN!


I have also experienced it just one day ago. This was my first experience. After waiting for two days ( gave reminder several times) I delivered a dummy design (logo) with a brief. Yet not get any reply. He ordered and gone without specific details!:angry::angry:


Mine requirements are mandatory and written detailly what they should send.

I think they do not know that filling requirements starts the order.



The buyer returns! The cancellation was thrown out and they paid the extra!

Then they addressed me by my full first name, (anyone who knows me can tell you that I don’t respond to that!) and then asked me to get on with the order.

No apology, no explanation.

Why do I sense trouble with this one? :thinking:


I have exactly the same experience last three days.Client acting ghost, I see him online not replying to my messages and then once I delivered ( the delivery was also cleary based on our agreement’s reference) then boom! revisions like he paid me more than a thousand dollar to demand and tell me their brand’s standard should not have too much hair and skin and complains that my model ( I am a photographer) should have less hair! and all of his revisions contradicts to our agreement as our sample photo or visual ( the guy does have leg hair!) Gosh can’t believe some buyers! So I went to customer support,make screenshots, fiverr apologizes and I told them just cancel this order as I can’t hear any more of this less hair stories for 65 dollars ( which In fact I already give as discount and a very friendly price compare to my real prices).That’s what I do when they don’t reply like they act ghosts and I definitely feel you @jonrichards it is really frustrating …tsk tsk tsk


Best that you take care not that they have negative intention.


So you did the work as initially agreed upon, delivered on time, and cancelled because he complained?

It’s sellers doing things like this that hurts us other sellers. Say No. “Do free work!”… No. “I’ll leave a bad rating!”… go ahead, No. Why are you afraid of a false bad rating? Are you worried that buyers will not buy from you ever again if you have a negative review?

What you are doing is creating a “special buyer” who knows they can bully sellers into free work, because eventually they will cancel. Just like you did.


Yup! It’s a horrible trend. I mean if people are putting in blood, sweat, and tears in the work. Then why cave? Buyers are using this as a tactic to get free work and their money back. Grr :japanese_ogre:

Sellers should really start :footprints: standing their ground!


Weakness. We have a few sellers who are so scared of standing up for themselves that they train the buyers to just yell “BOO” and magically they get free work and their money back. I am about to start recommending them in the following fashion when wrapping up a disagreement with a bad buyer.

“As you can see, by the terms of my gig as well as Fiverr’s own TOS that this gig is not eligible for cancellation. Now that our business is concluded, let me recommend that in the future if you are looking for free work, let me suggest you contact ****** or *******, who happily return your money anytime you ask.” Maybe pounding them back to new sellers will make them stop killing the rest of us by rewarding bad behavior.


The default retort I get from these mouth-breathers, when I stand up for myself, is that I’m “rude and arrogant”

I even had negative feedback about 9 months ago saying similar. Naturally, I responded. Out of almost 1,000 orders, just about half of them left feedback; those were the ones who were totally cool, great, responsive and knew what they wanted and paid for the revisions. The missing feedback resulted from those who tried to pull their sh$t and I didn’t waver and they resented it.

I really hope they’ve managed to dry their eyes by now.

So, I’ve probably garnered something of a reputation as a hard-a$$, but I don’t care. The cool ones keep coming back, the douche-bags can go elsewhere.

So far, then, the rate of cool over douche has been up until now, 50/50. Now I’ve raised my prices, I hope to turn this franchise 'round.


At least that way, you would be contributing to the resolution of their “how do i mek more sells” quandary.


Hey, Mike!

People like to prey on the weak and the weak allows. Not on my watch tho!

Brilliant! Would you mind if I used this template? :sweat_smile:
Of course, I’ll tweak to add the NV touch. :stuck_out_tongue:


Raise the rates is a good way to get rid of these types. I’ve noticed when I raised mine the bargain hunters, was decreased by the handful. Occasionally I still get the “do you off discounts?” :roll_eyes:

I’m a pitbull in a skirt. :sunglasses:

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked with some amazing Buyers who were extremely generous and professional. They didn’t haggle or force me to do things that I did want to do.


Whats mine is yours.


I’ve been in fiverr since it started and believe me a lot of changes are needed.I was once this seller who stands up for doing no free work but as I checked your profile as a seller, you have at the moment completed perfect record which means you never experience to get bad ratings.One thing I’ve learned in terms of business is that sometimes to keep the good buyers coming in the future,you have to keep your portfolio appealing just like other business and so on and it’s naturally ok to offer mutual cancellation even the buyer starts to complain and you offered some mutual cancellation just to save your portfolio when you already feel something is going to be wrong and there is nothing wrong in saving your self in negative ratings at least. As other sellers said we worked with sweat and blood to build which in my case I produced photos and video productions.As I get my first negative rating way way back 2011 then you lose customers and you need to undo the damage that has been done that’s why mutual cancellation exist which way more better now than the first generation platform but thank you anway for reminding me to stand up for myself as a seller but once again,I wanted to keep my portolio neat, no scratch just like you have but unfortunately there will soon ( !diots that will come) and as what @jonrichards said, keep the cool ones who keep’s coming back and the others can go where the pepper grows :smiley:


And additional, as photos can’t be downloaded at all as they have watermarks and even before the client consider or even want to download it,they have to complete the order to download the original file which in the case of mp3s,mp4s ( as I figured out just now that I am i believe in voice over artists area)is not yet fully protected that’s why it is recommended that before you even send the delivery, you have to register them via copyright registry for double protection or future law suits.And as for mutual cancellation,I have to see if the price that is considered creates big damage to my porfolio or to the financial investment i put it in so it’s actually no free work,artists or sellers can activate any sort of copyright damages if it gets serious in my case I release property agreements even before the order starts and copy registry codes so the buyers can’t mess up that easily for cancelled orders, when its beyond the seller’s capacity you have to consider checking the scenario.
In my case,even if I cancel they will not be able to download the files without gigantic watermarkings which was different before ( I also used to be a voice over artist but back then 2010 to 2012 there are no extra gigs and for 5 dollars and standing up for yourself is a bit struggle) It’s better now that new sellers have the chance to make extra gigs rather than before it was completely only 5 dollars in any case of work which was a little bit out of track for sellers but as of today it’s totally different I’m glad mutual cancellation button exist :smile: as I remember when you have less order before and once you receive negative ratings continuously then I remember there are even sellers dropped their ratings up to 78 below 50 percent and got suspended account.:grin: So I take more of my rating rates rather than the cancellation rates to avoid any issues of my account in the future.In a long way run after being in fiverr for more 8 years and saw how fiverr grows then I’ve learned the hard ways around.There are pros and cons in the new platform but the support and protection in terms for sellers is way better and yes I am afraid to lose clients in the future as that’s what we are here for right? to provide service for clients who are willing to work with us properly without hustle :slight_smile: ( I like this conversations.Thank you all guys for bringing this issue up.This is helpful for everyone.:+1::+1::+1::+1:


Speaking of raised prices, I raised my price into 800 dollars per order and turns out the buyers who I wanted to get rid of these types seems to be growing like a wild grass :smiley: They keep ordering sadly so I have to be diplomatic just like how german system works here in germany lol.


@memoto28 You have a very interesting niche there with the cooking videos! It looks like you have some very appreciative clients too. Congratulations on finding something so unusual and profitable. I don’t know who is buying these videos or for what reason but they do look incredible.


Hi @misscrystal Mostly I attract clients in terms of production in foods as well in the medical category but more or less it can suit a lot of companies who are in need of commercials in culinary and I actually do have some less competitions in fiverr but yeah as what I’ve said its quite of investments and building the trust between the buyer and me is very crucial so I also choose which can be really trusted in terms of contracts :slight_smile: Thank you so much for appreciating.


It’s wonderful to see such a professional who is also so original here. :+1:


@misscrystal I actually started the niche in cooking video category and then a lot started to follow mostly film studios who have more a lot better equipment and a lot of starting companies also come here in fiverr to let the project done that is suitable for their price compare to real actual film studios.