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Place to post what you're looking for?

I haven’t used fiverr in forever, my first experience, pretty negative. But Deviantart is letting me down and I have no idea where else I can post. I remember when I used fiverr last time, there was the option to make a post detailing what you want. Does that still exist?

No, none of them can do it. There’s realistic, cartoony, shirt design for some reason. watercolors, photoshopping, and computer art. So can I deny them? I see nothing that says I can so I’m guessing not, but I would like to know.

Thanks, appreciate it!

Now, is there any option to reject them? I got 14 offers, and not a single one is offering what I want, and I said as specifically as I could in the 120 characters available what I want.

I would hope my point came across, it’s very hard with just 120 characters, but I specifically said male anime fanart that I want shipped to me, no digital, no prints. That doesn’t mean realistic pet art, or photoshopping, or realistic anything, watercolors, or shirt designs. Not a single person has posted anything anime style, either.