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Ok, with all of your expertise, who do you believe will be my first request for cute goofy redhead testimonial gig? Do you think, male? Female? Young? Old? For a product or service? AND the most important question… Will they choose a “natural” testimonial, or an entertaining honest review?

Annnnnndddd go!!! :smiley:

Product - male - natural testimonial.

Reply to @sunshy1: VERY close!! I had my first buyer today, it was a website(for a service) - male - natural testimonial :smiley: You’re good!!!

Close enough, Congrats on your first job :slight_smile:

I was going to guess a male, for a project on a gaming website. :slight_smile:

Well done on getting your first job. First of many more, hopefully.

Reply to @sunshy1: Thank you :slight_smile:

Reply to @sara1984: Close haha! And thank you! I received another order today, and one more who will be ordering! The one I completed and one who will be ordering I replied to their “buyer request” posts. I’m happy that worked :slight_smile: