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Place your feedback for new profile

Hi, Please place your valuable feedback for my new profile.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Rabby, welcome to Fiverr. Here are some suggestions:

  1. I don’t understand this sentence from your bio: “I have been created Hundreds of websites with humbled by Hundreds of 5-star reviews and 100% client satisfaction!!” I recommend you rephrase it. Also, don’t make claims you can’t prove.
  2. A little typo on your gigs: " upto 10 page"
  3. I think your profile pic in your gig images is a little bit too much, at least for me. But I would keep the #pro things.
  4. On your Ecommerce gig, you greet with “Hi Buddy!”. Avoid using buddy, dear, and things like this, because not everybody likes them. A simply “Hi there” it’s enough.

That’s all I got for now. :smile: Good luck!


In general try to make it a bit more international, to make it more trustworthy. Language, style, level of English. No use of rarely used words like humbled, which is only used in certain regions.
And please, do not ever call a customer “Sir”. Many buyers immediately stop communicating if they are called Sir.


Thanks a lot for your advice. I really appreciate it. :clap:


Thanks a lot @fogi for your advice. I really appreciate it. :clap: