Placed an order but nothing happened


I don’t get it… I placed an order and nothing happened except I was charged. I placed a ticket request thinking it was a glitch and place another order and the same thing happened again. Now I am on the phone with my CC company trying to reverse the transaction. Waiting to hear back from support but as of now, I will never use this website again…


Not sure what you mean about this but when you place an order you are charged right away. If you check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page this may help you. Am sure Customer Support will be able to sort this out for you.


This happens occasionally, Customer Support will sort it out for you, there is no need to get the CC company involved.


As eoin said, customer support will reverse the charges. It is a bug that happens sometimes, nothing to worry about. Give customer support a little time to get to it please.


I think OP’s issue is not about being charged right away. OP is happy to be charged right away. But, OP means that upon that, OP expected something further to happen at the Fiverr website in his account. Like an Order Number, that did not seem to have happenned.
I am new to Fiverr, but I am a seller at other similar platforms and usually an Order gets generated and seller notified, etc as soon as a buyer has paid for a gig.
I am not very sure if the same happens at Fiverr, but logically it should happen.
I am very sure that something must happen after a buyer has successfully paid for a gig. I could be wrong.


Update: Customer support is trying to refund my order but have to wait until the order is processed. Why does it take so long to process an order. I mean as a consumer I am excited to start the process of getting my logo designed and Fiverr is going to derail this because of a 24 hour wait to process a CC order? Really?

Here is the issue with my experience. Fiverr UX outlines a 3 step process for purchasing a gig (my case: a logo design). Step one: Select an option. Step two: pay with CC. Step three: provide requirements and start working. Step three never happens. Not only that, but I don’t receive a confirmation email that the order will be ready. This is all basic stuff. Fiverr’s website is slick and has a nice UX which runs counter to the experience I went through.

As you can imagine, at the point of placing an order, and getting no feedback on where my order is I am left wondering if I have just been scammed. What I do next makes me go crazy which is to search the words scam + Fiverr which leads to contacting my CC company. Not impressed. Maybe a product manager will read this.


You have DEFINITELY NOT been scammed. Fiverr is honest. They cannot give a refund without first making sure the order and credit card has gone through. You will get your refund I promise you.


You were charged twice, so 2 transaction may have happened.


Hi, @rimounowais
I am not a Fiverr Staff member but I am seller and buyer who is part of the voluntary Forum Moderation team which is appointed by Staff.
What I can say is that I have have had clients who have had the same issue as you have had, and I have seen many people on the forum complaining about this happening to them. I say “many people” but it is actually a tiny percentage, considering how many transactions Fiverr processes. In each case, the buyer (you) has the issue resolved by Customer Support. As to why this happens, I don’t know but the thing is, it is just unfortunate that it has happened to you.

I would suggest that you do not look at the “scam + Fiverr” results simply because the reality is that I see many buyers come to the forum shouting “fraud” or “scam” and actually they get taken care of by customer support, it just takes a little time and after it is solved, they come back and say so. Those who post such things on other sites, like review sites etc, tend not to go back and try have them removed or updated and so the negative posts stay there.

Finally, what you have had a problem with is the payment/order processing which is handled by Fiverr itself. Most issues that people complain about are issues with individual sellers. Support will look after this for you but they do advise that this can take time.