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Placed an order for a book cover and now in limbo


I just placed an order for a book cover, and Fiverr said that it is blocking it from my seller because I said AMAZON in the description. This is ridiculous! Fiverr needs to fix this! This site is going down the tubes when they turn down good money.


Is Fiverr blocking a message sent through the inbox (with a warning about a ToS violation) or actually blocking the order? Did it prevent the order from going through at all or delay it? I’m asking because knowing what happened to you helps the forum Moderators to provide feedback to stack on issues like this. Fiverr has been somewhat tighter on inbox messages lately, but I haven’t seen it affect order placement. If you can give any more information about the situation, I’d like to know. Please don’t mention the seller’s name or post images with the seller name on the forum, but if you have a screenshot of what happened to you, you are welcome to send it to me via PM. If I can tell what happened for sure, I will pass it along I understand that they are trying to be cautious about some Amazon issues, like paid reviews, but it shouldn’t block an order for a book cover.

The only suggestion I can make without knowing more is to suggest that you place the order with minimal writing in the requirements or messages. You can send other information via a text file attached to the order where it won’t be blocked. Sorry this happened to you.



Thank you for responding. It has been sorted now. But to clarify, it was my order details that were blocked, not the order. I feel bad as the seller could not see my info and has now lost a day.

I did say “Amazon” on my order details, but never “Review”. It seems sensitive, as others have reported similar occurrences to a sensitivity in mysterious “banned words”.

This is unfortunate, as I get many SPAM messages each day. Perhaps Fiverr can work on preventing those, instead of people who are spending $$$ and earning $$$ on the site.

I will certainly use a Word doc in the future to prevent delay.

Mel Dawn