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Placed an order now terrorizing me?

I am in very bad shape at this moment at the start of the month. One Buyer placed an order this night, without contacting me, at all. Did not fill in any information. Then he wanted to talk outside the platform (via voice). I refused to, of course, because of the TOS. Then he decided to send me an mp3 format voice file inside the Fiverr. He explained to me some of the information there, of what must be done to the work. I refused to work on the order as it had some of the work I was not capable of and I didn’t like the work in general.
I opened the dispute for cancellation. He ignored me for an hour, and finally responded to me. He started frying me, terrorizing, saying, that has some sort of “proof” and pictures (even though buyer and I chatted on Fiverr’s order page). He also said go to see the doctor, pretending that I am “Fiverr” (probably pretends that I am Fiverr, who’s controlling “my account”). Stuff like that. And how do I feel right now? I feel TERRIBLE. Is he trolling or is he for real, a “douchebag”?

He says he doesn’t care about the work anymore and to keep the money. I obviously don’t want to do that. But I also afraid that he would reject the cancellation request.

The countdown is still running out (about less than 22 hours right now). I had already opened a cancellation dispute, but as I said, the timer doesn’t stop.

I would like to get some quick suggestions of what further actions should be made in order to avoid all of this situation. CS will most likely not respond within this period of time. Could the order be marked as Very Late while the cancellation is in dispute?

I contacted CS ~16 hours after the order was made by the Buyer. The issue was resolved in less than 24 hours after the CS submission. CS cancelled the order for me and are currently in investigation of Buyer’s behavior with theTrust & Safety team. Hooray! :tada:


Don’t feel terrible. He’s just a jerk who gets off on feeling like he can control people.

Keep the cancellation up and don’t respond to his remarks. He wants a reaction and if you give it to him he won’t let it go. If he declines the cancellation, try it again. He’ll probably eventually give up once he sees he isn’t getting to you.

If he still declines the cancellations go to CS and have them cancel it. You ought to report him for abuse.


Thank you for your words. I get these situations VERY rarely and get stressed too much over this.

I never experienced something like this, so I am not sure how it works. What I mean, is that if the timer still doesn’t stop, I may get a negative review automatically. I may wait a little bit longer before contacting CS, but I have to prepare for the worse scenarios that could happen.

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Well you can’t rush CS so there is nothing you can do. Don’t let it bother you. Focus on things you can control.


I guess that could happen with support’s current response times.

The 1* standard review one sometimes sees on profiles (Order was cancelled, seller didn’t deliver on time) isn’t automatic in so far as the buyer has to cancel for it to happen but it’s automatic in so far that the buyer can’t do anything against that review happening if they cancel.
Your buyer will get the option to cancel one-sidedly once the order gets in “Very Late” status, and then, if they cancel, the “automatic” 1* review happens. I’ve had that situation once, when I made an order and the seller apparently had abandoned their account, never delivered nor reacted to messages, so finally, I cancelled to get my money refunded. I wouldn’t even have wanted to leave a review, because I didn’t know if maybe the seller had gone or been taken to a hospital, or something similar or worse happened, but when I cancelled, that review happened, I couldn’t choose if or how to review.

If he doesn’t accept your cancellation request, there’s not much reason for him to cancel when the order goes very late either, but you never know, of course, maybe he knows that buyers typically can’t leave a review when orders get cancelled but that that automatic review will happen if the order gets very late, or he could change his mind.

I think if the buyer neither accepts not declines your cancellation request within some time frame, the order will automatically be cancelled? And if he’d reject, I think you could send a new request? So that specific thing doesn’t seem to be anything to be much afraid of.

I hope that in your case, with the buyer breaching ToS with asking for off-platform contact and threatening you and all, CS would reset your order completion and delivered on time stats, but you never know. I’d keep an eye on any notifications and deadlines that you might need to react to (for example, if he declines the cancellation, send a new request right away) and ignore any weird messages.

Hopefully, support will react soon, I don’t see any further actions that you could take from your side, for now, so try to relax and stay calm. Don’t do him the favour of feeling terrible, in any case. It’s a mere annoyance that will pass soon.


I just want to reply to say I know situations like this can feel terrible when you’re in the middle of them, but keep them factual and in perspective and you’ll get through it.

You’ve been unlucky enough to encounter an idiot. The very fact that they’ve asked for communication outside of Fiverr, and you’ve refused should work in your favour with customer support.