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Placed an order of 20$ but found work of 5$ from my given location so can i pay 5$ to seller by mutual agreement?

If i placed an order of 20$ for example but found work of 5$ from my given location so can i pay 5$ to seller by mutual agreement?

Are you saying you placed an order for $20 with one seller, and now you have found another seller who will do the same work for $5? Therefore, you want to ask the first $20 seller if they will do the work for $5 by mutual agreement?


If you place an order you paid for and it’s started then you will need to simply wait for the delivery on that.


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i had placed an order of 20$ for 1000 leads from my given location to seller. now he delivered work of some 300 leads because he found 300 from my given location. so i want to pay him for 300 leads(5$) because 1000 leads were available there. He is also agree with me so can i change order price from 20$ to 5$?

order is delivered now.

No, once the order is placed the price cannot be changed.


No you cannot change the order price.

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If you want to change the price $20 to $5 after placing order. It’s not possible! I think that you should more searching seller before place order and discuss all project details.

If the seller can’t deliver the 1000 leads in your area and 1000 for your area was in the requirements/gig description/agreement, cancelling the order and creating a new order for the 300 leads from your area could be done instead, which could be for a lower price (assuming the seller agrees and sends an offer to deliver the 300 or has a package for delivering 300).


seller is okay he delivered good work i thought may be 1000 leads in my area and placed order for 1000 leads but after his researching/working on that he found 300 leads and delivered. its not his fault.

cancelling order is not good for him.

That’s really the seller’s problem and not yours. He/she needs to deliver the promised 1000 or cancel the order and let you reorder for a lower price.


Good! if this seller know that you he/she are no able to complete last 700 leads. you can tell him for refund cutting 300 leads cost. otherwise you can communicate fiverr support for refund

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Please ignore these messages that claim you can change the order somehow. You can’t.

If you didn’t get 1000 and you are upset about that then you can either leave a review to show that, or you can ask customer support if you can cancel it based on that.

Since you are ok with what you got then you should leave it as it is.

The seller shouldn’t promise what he cannot deliver however and promising to deliver 1000 when he can’t is a reason for a cancellation. Technically you would be entitled to a full refund due to this and CS would probably give you one.

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