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Placed order - Accept or Decliene by SELLERS

Hi Fiverr!
A user comes, place the order and very next moment asks to cancel it… spoil my rating and stats.!

And you (Fiverr) know it hurts the order completion rate which we need to maintain above 90% in order to maintain the current seller level… I have clearly mentioned to contact me before placing the order but people just come and spoil everything… Fiverr should take some serious measures or at least there should be something like confirmation from the seller to accept the order placement or not…


Sorry to seeing this, and you are right lot’s of people came here to destroy our valuable Account, we have to more serious about our order and @Fiverr please make some changes that we can safely sell our services


Very true

An option to accept or refuse the order would be great


Yes! How can we suggest them… I don’t think they gonna read it here. :confused:

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Send your suggestion to Support through a ticket.


Totally agree. I went from a level 2 seller to an ordinary seller in the space of one month thanks to buyers like that, depite every single gig of mine (270+) being rated 5*. How does that benefit anyone? I am seriously thinking of quitting soon as I have a lot of work outside of this platform which means I don’t have to use it as often as I used to, and if I could avoid it altogether, I would. Fiverr are very greedy and do NOTHING to help sellers.

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The 90% cancellation metric should measure cancellations by the seller. We can not control cancellations before we start to work on a Gig.

I disagree with the option of allowing a seller to “refuse” an order. A refusal is a cancellation and should factor into the 90% cancellation metric.