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Placement of Order with out a discussion

I had an Issue today morning…One of my new clients has placed an order without mentioning any detail about the order. The worst thing is he has placed the order to deliver in one day. In my gig Description, I have clearly mentioned that please leave me a text prior to placing the order. But this client did not take that into his consideration…How and what are the remedies that can I able to take for this work?


Hi there! Have you tried to send them a message asking them to give you the gig requirements, so that you at least know what you need to be doing for them?

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Hi, yes I sent several messages mentioning please do mention the requirements. But yet no any response from the Client. The worst thing is he needs to complete work by 24Hrs and he placed the by paying the additional payment for the extra fast delivery.

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what type of task ?may be he is new

sometime its happens.

yes,maybe…but how can I able to sort out this issue…

isn’t there any solution for that…Is it okay if I cancel the placed order…but it effect to my order completion rate…ins’t so?

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in my opinion you just check the order and try to understand what he wants
then just complete the task and deliver it with a note that
you did not give details. and still if you want to change i m available for revision
it will be best solution, delivery in time and also good gesture.

note :
is only my personal opinion, i dont know about rules and routine in this case.

Yes, if you cancel, it will affect your completion rate, and possibly your ability to gain a level, retain the level you are at or even lose where you are in the listings.

Instead of having in your Gig Description that you need to discuss with them what they want or that they need to leave that instead, you need to fill out the portion of your Gig profile that REQUIRES the client fill out what they need - you can fill this in and ask them to specifically indicate what the job entails. If the client does not fill this portion out when ordering, the Gig timer NEVER starts - it only starts once they fill out the requirements you need from them.

I would have suggested you use the resolution center to ask them for a time extension, but, since they ordered your Extra Fast delivery, that isn’t going to be a work around. All you can do is either hope they get your messages and reply or that you can appease them in some other way when they do contact you if it is beyond the due date.



cancellation is not good option
one option to ask him for extra time.
it will give you more time to wait or decide well.

The problem with asking for more time is that this buyer chose his 24 hour delivery - so, he paid extra for that, and expects to get his work within that time frame. Buyers don’t always know how to navigate this site. That is why as a seller you have to literally map it out for them on your Gig description - and one way to do that is always have requirements that the buyer has to fill out before they can even order or the time starts to tick.


Highly appreciated your thoughts. But it just a detail drawing of residence and there isn’t anything mentioned what he needs from me as and example either taking off or BOQs for the works or detail estimate. And in my gig description I have clearly mentioned pls do contact the seller prior placing the order in bolted fonts

I just now also sent an message saying pls do mention what do you need to get done from me. But no reply…hope I have to wait and see

No matter how your story with current order ends, you may want to find out why it’s happened.

It’s not a secret that the cause is mainly Gig’s description and Gig’s requirements.

Example for “I will do material takes offs construction cost estimates and boqs”:

You use your FAQ section for this “1. Why do you need to select me?, 2. Qualifications?, 3. Which Software do you use for taking offs?”

This is complete nonsense. You need to answer possible questions related to Buyer’s need of your Gig and not why to select you.

The Gig’s description is not used wisely at all imo.

You state references to your main project like*Lusila Tower in Qatar, SAIF AirPort Construction in KSA, Shangrila Hotel renovation in Sri Lanka & Pearl Grand Tower Hotel in Sri Lanka.

This is awesome but should rather be a part of your profile, not Gig’s description. With this you lost a number of characters that could have been used for something more important related to that specific Gig.

It’s clear you need at least some minimum information in order to start working. Make this minimum mandatory in your Gig’s requirements. Use ticking boxes for selecting between possible answers, etc…

You may want to think all of this over and maybe decide to improve your Gig.

Good luck!


Good luck. I know it is frustrating to have people order without giving a heads up as to what they want - and order it for 24 hour delivery.

Do take my advice and fill out the part of your Gig where you have requirements before the clock starts to tick - that will help in some ways with future orders. I know you said you have in your Gig in bold letters to contact you first, but, believe me, many times people do NOT read anything, they are just click happy and order.


In my humble opinion this is an excellent response that should really help the op going forward. I would also like to add a very quick thought. Based on the complexity of the service that the op offers, it feels strange to offer a 24 hour service. This feels like it is only inviting trouble.


Highly appreciated your thoughts and humbly accept …I’ll act upon those comments…

Any highly appreciated your thoughts on this issue…