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Places Order Mid Discussion - Cancels


Hey everyone,

It’s been happening so often these days that I think it is time for a rant.

For the month of December, I’ve had buyers who contact me and then as soon as I reply, place an order and places the order incorrectly. Here are a few scenarios:

Scenario 1//
Buyer: “Hello”

Me: “Hi, thanks for getting in touch, how may I assist?”

Buyer: places order for a logo animation

Buyer: “Oh so sorry, I don’t want a logo animation, please cancel…”

Me to myself: “…”

Scenario 2//
Buyer: “I already have a logo… can I send it so you can make a vid”

Me: “Thanks very much for the interest, that’s great, I hope to see where I can assist. Kindly attach your logo in .eps or .ai vector format (source files from your designer) along with a brief idea on what you’re looking for animation wise.”

Buyer: “can you crop logo from a moving video and use that”

Me: “No thanks, I’ll require the source files, unfortunately, I won’t be able to use that.”

Buyer: places order, uploads video and asks me to use the video , crop logo and make animation

Me: Informs him that the above isn’t going to work, I’ll need the source files etc etc

Buyer: “can I cancel?” knows exactly where to find it and sends cancellation quickly

Me to myself: “…”

Because there is no penalization for buyers who do this, and I don’t think there can be in any case, we sellers are at the mercy here. Fortunately, I have a low enough cancellation rate that these didn’t bring me down too too far but if this continues, man oh man. Also, what if it was with another fellow seller whose cancellation rate wasn’t low to start because of genuine cancellations.

What are your thoughts? The floor is open.


Well, you’re not the only one. Sometimes I’m really unsure if these are people who really have no clue what they’re doing, trolls or someone who wants to hurt a business on purpose. You can’t look into people but it really can be strange. I had a “client” last month that purchased the wrong package, he didn’t submit any of the required details; instead he just filled in random letters in every text box (like A JJJ D HD) and uploaded a photo of himself making a funny face and another google image of a woman making love with an alien. When I confronted him and explained him that I’m unable to work with these “details” he didn’t answer. I gave it a last try and opened a request to extend the delivery time and added another message. He read it, accepted the delivery time but still ignored my request to submit any information that would be needed to start with his project. Instead he just said “I accept your request to extend the delivery time, but NOW YOU’LL HAVE TO PUT SOME EXTRA WORK IN IT TO MAKE THIS GREAT”. Didn’t even know what to say. Just cancelled the order. Almost cost me the hard earned Level 1 badge… even though it wasn’t my fault at all. I blocked him after the cancellation and just recently when I looked up his profile he had 5* reviews from sellers. So weird. Such things happen almost every month to me. Buyers have too much power, they’re in the right, even if they’re in the wrong. Fiverr needs to change this.


I think that we should only have one option on this site: either we’re a buyer or we’re a seller. We shouldn’t be allowed to be both. There are far too many sellers scamming other sellers in order to bring down their stats.


That is the strangest thing I’ve heard so far on this site.


"either we’re a buyer or we’re a seller. "

I can’t say I really agree here, I also buy from fellow sellers outside of what I offer for my own needs. For example, voice over gigs especially. However, I will agree that something needs to be done about these situations and I hope the Fiverr team is brainstorming.


Oh. I have plenty of these stories and they’re even worse. I just accepted that BESIDES the great and awesome clients I had the pleasure to work with, there are also lots of unfriendly and spoiled people that think they own you for a couple of dollars. I just try to not get mad about them, they do exist and you will be confronted with these kind of situations in every freelancer business. It’s not the people that make me angry sometimes - it’s not their words, language or their behaviour - it is that fiverr allows them indirectly to hurt your business - even if you’re (as seller) not the one to blame. Every mistake a client does will also affect you as seller. That’s what makes me mad everytime a story like mine happens.


I don’t think the issue should revolve around “either we are a buyer or a seller” as you termed it. The issue should be a level playing field for the two parties involved by fiverr. As a buyer, whenever an order gets cancelled I think it should affects your stats also.

However, I’m aware that Fiverr won’t even try this as they fear that it might scare away a potential buyer.


I’m not sure this is true. A while ago, there was a buyer on the forum, ranting that his account was restricted because he had a huge percent of cancellations.

Of course, buyers can just open a new account after their old one gets disabled for cancellations.


There is a very narrow limit to how many cancellations a buyer can have as catwriter mentioned.


I am not sure if this is something that’s already in place, but just like how Fiverr keeps a track of banned sellers and prevents them from creating a new account when they don’t have the permission to do so, I think Fiverr should also do the same with buyer accounts.

A buyer whose previous account was restricted/banned/suspended for w/e reason should not be allowed to create a new account. If they do find such an account, they should take the appropriate steps to immediately ban/restrict this new account, too.


My impression with this kind of buyer is that they see their business as a favor to you, the seller, and you should be grateful for their business and do what they want.

It’s very frustrating! Fortunately I don’t get this kind of thing very often. I’m wondering why some buyers are more prone to unscrupulous buyers than others. I suspect it has something to do with what you are selling.


few days ago i got an experience this sort of. buyer wouldn’t know that there was a modification button he could use. he just placed a false review with some false word and left me. problem was that, a character with 2019 car model but i did the character with old version car. he didn’t mention before to use 2019 version.
you know after reviewing fiverr stopped to open resolution.
then i knocked him via inbox and asked his need. he said and i drew a new version and delivered within 10 hours. he paid for one character but he got total 4 character and i got my first negative feedback.
it’s important to learn how to buy. i think it’s a part of any business. very important part.


I think best option to stop this is to prevent buyers placing order without seller’s consent, there should be a lock mechanism which would keep the order button locked until seller unlocks it for a potential customer and then cancellation should be allowed only through support which they will do after checking the intention of buyer.

BTW. I have deleted my seller profile.


Unfortunately, this is not how Fiverr was designed. Fiverr is a retail services website, where buyers can place orders for the services they need from the packages listed on seller gigs. Expecting buyers to have seller consent before placing an order goes against how this site is supposed to operate.

Any buyer can place any package order whenever they want. As a seller, it is your responsibility to have everything that a buyer might need – or might need to know – listed on your gig. Buyers can then place an order if they need your listed services. If they have questions about your services, they can always voluntarily choose to contact you.


Unfortunately, you do not see the reason why I am suggesting this while it has been faced by hundreds of sellers every day, I am pretty sure that many of them do not report to CS or here.

Fiverr was designed to be a platform for $5 services, now they are enabling sellers to charge more than $1000. Previously Fiverr level system was not so stupid but now it is. Previously there was no blind review system but now it is, previously there was no buyer biased CS but now it is.

Please get out of the cave you are living in and see the real world, if you are not facing problem it doesn’t mean that problem do no exists, it is very disrespectful of denying someone’s problems while whitewashing Fiverr’s incompetence to help sellers as they should.

Also just to let you know I usually ignore replying your comments as neither they make any sense nor I like to engage in any conversation with you on any topic, same reason; they do not make any sense.


They did it with PewDiePie, so they might be doing it with other problematic buyers, too.


As a seller you can do all that, and still buyers will be able to order and ask for something a seller doesn’t offer. That’s when ‘seller responsibility’ goes out the window. :slightly_smiling_face:


Then perhaps you, as a seller, might find it beneficial to work with the “wrong order” client, and find ways to salvage their order with services that you can provide. Yes, this is an issue for some here on Fiverr, but there are always ways to make the best of any situation. And there are usually creative ways to salvage orders like this so that they don’t have to be outright cancelled.


Even if they want something I don’t provide and can’t do?

And sometimes there aren’t. That’s when the buck shouldn’t stop with the seller.


It is unwise to use assumptions to support your argument. You have not seen “hundreds of sellers” expressing their opinion on this matter. You’re right, you’ve only seen a small handful of sellers expressing concern, frustration, or thoughts on this here on the forum. You have no way of knowing how many other sellers (outside of this forum) see this as an issue as well. Since there aren’t “hundreds of sellers” complaining about this (on the forums, or elsewhere online), I would guess that it’s only a tiny percentage of the overall sellers on this site that even care about this in any way, shape, or form.

Please do not exaggerate in order to make your point. Until you have hard and fast statistics on the matter, I doubt there are anywhere near, “hundreds of sellers” complaining about buyers not contacting them before placing an order.

I, for example, have been selling on Fiverr for nearly five years, and it has never been an issue for me. This may be because I’ve put together great gigs that are straightforward and clear in the services that I offer. There is no room for confusion, because my wording, services, and terms are all spelled out on my gig. If you take the time to do the same within your gigs, I’m fairly certain this “wrong order” thing won’t be a problem for you either.

Actually, Fiverr is many times easier and more organized than it once was. I’ve been here to see the changes. Fiverr IS improving – significantly. And I am deeply grateful that this is no longer a $5-only services site. I make a living here, specifically BECAUSE Fiverr is a better site than it once was.

Personally, I love the new (two-phase) blind review system. I can rate a buyer honestly, AND, I can leave a non-review response to every buyer review. I like this a lot better than the old format. It is better organized, more honest, and far more fair and equitable.

CS makes a point of trying to be unbiased. Perhaps it is mostly those who don’t like Fiverr’s unbiased responses that keep complaining that CS “doesn’t like them”. It is not CS’s responsibility to make sure everyone receives the answer they want when they want it.

My goodness. This sure is rude.

Unfortunately, just because you perceive something as a problem for you, does not mean that it is a widespread problem that must be resolved in your favor. Fiverr certainly has things that they are working on – as is the case for any business in growing towards better things, but they are hardly incompetent. Incompetence does not lead to the kind of business/site success that we are seeing here on Fiverr.

I’m sad to hear that my commentary and advice “makes no sense to you”. On the contrary, my wisdom, advice and forum conversations have helped many new sellers focus their goals and become successful here on Fiverr. Many such sellers have specifically taken the time to tell me this. Perhaps there is more to be learned by not ignoring those who seek to help you.