Placing a gig


When you have a project that has 20 illustrations, do you order 1 gig with 20 x the cost for one, or upload the entire piece to show the seller but divide it into separate gigs for each illustration? As a Buyer I’m not sure what pressure this puts on the Seller to meet a deadline, or can the Seller adjust his deadline to meet the size of the work?


This will depend on the seller and their deadlines. You should contact them first and they will send you custom offer with an estimated delivery time.


looking for illustrations,contact


I’d do as @annai80 says. Find some sellers you like and then get in touch.

In general I’d suggest that you place separate orders for each illustration or for just a few, as “multiples” at a time. That will reduce the chances of things going wrong.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Except that I have bought over $3000 worth of illustrations and was burned on the last as he delivered six and on the next gig of six wanted to

agree to cancel. No explanation except he usually got paid more for what he delivered to me. I looked at his sample gigs and his cheapest looked similar to mine. I never complained but by stopping half way through, I have to begin again with another illustrator and the first six are useless to me.


Reply to @robinfg: It’s possible you can find an illustrator who is capable of copying the style of the 6 you already have.

In any case, if you try to place a huge single order for 20, there’s no reason the seller won’t stop/request cancellation before they’re completed anyway.


What is best is to always contact the seller first to get a custom quote and/or ask how they would like the order to be placed, and also to ensure they can do the job in the time frame that is posted. YOu don’t want to pay all that money, then have them do a mutual cancellation and now you simply have Fiverr credits.

Also, you may want to test 1 image with someone first and then see if you like the completed work.