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Placing Links In Your Gig Description Is Dangerous

Hi Everyone,
Selling on Fiverr has been really tough for me as pushing a cow through the eye of a needle seems easier than getting organic sales.

After reading tips here I began trying the Buyer Request section and that has helped a little. I also decided to improve my gig description, tweak it around and make it more appealing. In doing so, I made the mistake of including a dropbox link to samples of my completed projects in my gig description. After two weeks I noticed that all arrows on my best selling gig were pointing downwards, clicks, views, impression, etc. More alarming was that my gig had disappeared from search result.

Frantically I began searching for a solution. Out of curiosity I removed the link on my description and contacted support. I was simply told that the gig will be restored back to search result and given a link to read Fiverr’s T&C. The reply was quite robotic as I was told what I did wrong specifically. I read the Terms and Conditions and there I discovered the clause that says your gig MAY be suspended if you include an external link in it.

For more experienced sellers I would like to ask one quick question. Is it okay to also send an external link for a client to download a completed work? I used to do that when I am finding it difficult to upload and deliver a completed work. Since my experience I have avoided it.

Also how do I show samples of completed works to clients if I can’t send them links to download it?

Fiverr should make it possible for sellers to show samples of their work. Thanks.

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You can use an ebook, or pdf.
I bel never use the link here

Actually the problem was not in adding a dropbox link, the problem was in editing. After you edit any GiG, it is temporarily removed from the search for a certain time. Contact CS and they will restore it if your GiG is in editorials focus.

You are right, once you are editing gigs, gigs you will review the manual, the writing of the image.

So do not edit gigs if not necessary, I just edit PROFILS

Remain that as it is…

Yeah ! Fiverr once warned me for this, after that i removed that link from my gig description, Basically, you cannot put any link in your gig description.

Thanks for sharing tips

A buyer/seller client of mine here on Fiverr said that they encountered the same problem – they had provided links to 10 minute videos of audio samples for buyers to peruse before ordering and were forced to remove all the links.

I might suggest saying something along the lines of “samples available upon request” or creating a blog to house your work and then link it to your profile and have your gigs say “see the blog on my profile for samples of my work!” or something similar.

It’s frustrating, but I get where Fiverr is coming from. They don’t want anyone breaking the TOS! Especially for new sellers who don’t have any orders yet so they can’t utilize the live portfolio option.

Just wanted to add, Fiverr allows putting of YouTube, Flickr and SoundCloud links in your description.

Here’s the list of the URLs you’re allowed to use in your profile or gig descriptions:

Using DropBox when you can’t deliver through Fiverr is also allowed; that’s what Customer Support suggests when you ask them, upload work to DropBox, and send the link to the buyer.

Good to know… thanks