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Placing order by buyer

Hi, I just want to know is that any option that buyer only will be able to place an order with the custom offer? I am tired now buyers don’t know differences about my service and place wrong orders.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to prevent the buyer from directly placing an order from your gig. It’s risky, I know! And sometimes they place an order for the basic gig but ask for premium service.

Anyway, all you can do is to write in your gig’s description to send you a message before placing an order.

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I already did that, you are absolutely right, they choose basic package and ask for premium. Sometime I face buyer who threaten me to work that is not included in service or they will give negative feedbacks, It looks like we are facing buyers mafia on Fiverr.

And a buyer placed order and its been 5 days he is disappeared, If I cancel order it will effect to my performance. Fiverr should fix these problems we are facing.

It’s true! Thankfully I haven’t encountered a buyer who threatened me and I hope I’ll never experience that. I wish Fiverr had some sort of “protection” for the sellers concerning that. Because we cannot choose who is going to place an order directly from the gig. What if we cannot really provide what he needs and he placed the order without reading the whole gig? I hope someday Fiverr will also take care of this.

About this, did he give you any instructions or requirement for the order?