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Placing order not working


Hello, everyone!

Is anyone else having trouble placing an order? I tried multiple times to place an order, but it gets stuck after submitting my payment every time (it shows a message “Oh no! We are having a problem processing this order. Please contact Customer Support.”). I’ve contacted customer support twice now, and both times all they tell me is that I will get my money back into my bank account, but no one is answering my actual question of how to fix this bug!


Unfortunately, you cannot fix this bug.

Few things you could do:

  1. Try different browser
  2. Try different payment method
  3. Wait a bit and try again later.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the reply! I’ve tried all of these already. That’s why I’m so frustrated that Customer Support is not even answering my question…


Customer support does state the time window for reply is between 12-24hrs.

I would recommend not messaging them too much as this may delay any further response.


Just to let you know, they managed to fix it. I am in actual disbelief that I finally managed to place an order :smiley: :grin: Thanks for the tips!