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Placing Order


narration 140 words: $10
I need 270, so I place 2x$10 into the cart

then there is a fee for .wav format +$10
Do I add +$10 for the .wav, or do I add 2x$10=$20 (since I order two gigs)?

then there is a fee for the business use, I think it’s another $10 (maybe more)
same question: do I add it once or twice?


Send a message to the seller, different sellers will offer different prices so it is impossible to know


Just request a custom order, this is a massively over-complicated way of doing things.


This would require a message to ask the seller these questions since there are so many variables.

If I were the seller I would only ask for 1 $10 fee for the .wav format and 1 $10 fee for the business use license since it’s really just one order.


This is why I love custom offers. Doing it the other way is asking for miscommunication and frustrations.