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Plagiarism and Copyright with tracing an existing image

So I’ve still been unable to satisfy this difficult buyer. It seems to me that he doesn’t want me to change the example he gave me at all, just to trace it. Isn’t that considered a violation of copyright, if he’s paying another artist to just trace an exact replica of another drawing, for him to put on a t-shirt? I have no idea if he intends to resell the t-shirts. He hasn’t accepted my original drawings, but insists on changes like “the hair is all wrong” and “the face isn’t cute” when I’ve still made very marginal changes to a simple image, in order to avoid just replicating the thing.

I’m hoping he’s not trying to cover his tracks of just plagiarizing a design through paying a new artist, so he doesn’t have to pay the original artist. If he even intends to pay me at all, because he’s been continually unhappy with every image I’ve spent time on delivering.

Honestly, this buyer is insulting my worth and integrity as an artist, and the original artist from his example. So also, how far does this need to go before it’s appropriate to report someone?

Then cancel his gig?

Note: if he is trying to commit plagiarism, you are not liable for it anyway. The artist never is. The person that paid for the service is.

cancel, he’s going to give you a shit review anyway.

Yeah it’s totally up to you, I mean if you have a strict moral code and actually care what happens to this person, then don’t do it but if you could care less if they rot in jail and just want the $, then by all means, do the gig and let them deal with the consequences, which by the way is exactly what I would do, LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: