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Plagiarism everywhere


I write frustrated, very frustrated actually. I started some weeks ago buying articles from Fiverr authors. Not a bad experience at start (texts to improve in spanish, but well, its fine i can improve them before publishing). But later i started buying english texts. And i tried 3 different authors and all of them delivery to me plagiarized articles. I dont know what i missing here.

With the last author i sent her an explanation saying something like "if you are going to give me plagiarized texts, please dont waste your time). I told her that i have a system to detect if a text its plagiarized or not (nothing like plagiarism checker or some sh*** like this). She said me too many great things and i waited to the texts. ¿And you know what? I checked the texts and they have plagiarized text. Ok, i dont know what to do.

They think that changing some words (I assume that there is some software for that) its an original text. This is crazy, of course that is not nothing new, that is a plagiarized article. One thing is looking for inspiration: you read the original article and you rewrite it with all your own words, another thing its copy-paste and changing words.

Sorry for the tears, i’m just frustrated :frowning:

Pay more $$$. Don’t bring your issues with other sellers to the table, either.

I second that comment ^^^. There are plenty of top-notch writers on Fiverr, you just have to be willing to pay a fraction more for their services. You get what you pay for…

Plus always ask for samples upfront. I keep a folder on my computer of work that I’ve done for various people in different genre’s that are generally only 100-400 words long that I send as samples. There’s nothing wrong with asking to see what work they’ve done before, or are capable of doing.

We did some tests buying article writing services more than a year ago. ALL articles had problems of copyright, low quality and uniqueness. It doesn’t matter if you pay $5 or $25, it’s the same. Many or most of these sellers don’t use their head and only use software to spin articles based on key words you provide and then adjust some of the words to match your topic. It’s better to write your own articles if you can.

Anecdotal opinion. I’m sure I could slander the entire video-making community too, but I can’t be bothered.

I find that claim dubious at best.

What was your sample size? Did you pick based on location? Fiverr level? Number of reviews?

Let’s be honest. Writing is often seen as a very easy job because people read and write every day. Despite all of the advances in human history, it’s still the best way to collect, store, and pass on information. Because of this a lot of people think they can do it with nothing more than a keyboard and notepad.

So yes, it’s no surprise that you’ll probably find shoddy work when the market is saturated with people who want to make a quick five.

But your claim of every article having had problems is completely misleading. How many people did you test this on? Five? Ten? A hundred? What constitutes low quality? How many of these people were native English speakers vs. people from Europe or even the Middle East? Were they writing on the same subject or did you pick different subjects for each?

You can’t just pick half a dozen random people, give them some work, and not like it and then claim that many writers on Fiverr are frauds set by a benchmark you haven’t mentioned, with parameters you haven’t defined. There are plenty of writers on this forum who take a lot of pride in their work and do what they can to make the projects as good as they can for their clients.

You can try me out if you want. I have never plagiarized an article in my life.

True but that’s what the live portfolio feature is for.

Exactly. You said what I wanted to say in a better way.

Nailed it.

paying more does not matter. stealing is stealing. What is the name of this site? It is fiverr. That is the original idea of this place. I can remember when everthing cost a fiver. Then fiver caved in with probably thousands of requests to let their customers charge more. Now it is hard to find anything for five bucks.


Peanuts = monkeys. Monkeys are not known for their morality. It’s good that your memory extends to at least a few years ago. Go to another site and demand the world for $5 only if that’s all you care about, and want to also bitch about the low quality of work.

Besides, even when it was all just $5 gigs, multiples existed. The suggestion that Fiverr “caved in” to “thousands of requests” to charge more is laughable when we are quite literally their cash cow and it’s in the their interest to charge us more reveals the full extent of your careful analysis of this situation.

Sorry for being mean, but I’m in a spectacularly foul mood today. Stealing is stealing… tell that to your governments and banks.

I’m an idiot. I didn’t even notice that feature. I know what I’m going to be working on this afternoon then.

Agreed. Pay more or wait longer (or both).

I often have prospective buyers kick me to the curb because I “take too long” and then come moping back three days later when the “faster” seller delivered them a copy and paste from an existing website.

Well, if they want to hire me, they have to wait very, very, very long…LOL