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Plagiarism - ghost writer gave me a plagiarized story!

What do you do when you hire someone to ghost write a story that is supposed to be 100% original and plagiarism free (like the person promised) so you can publish under your own name, and you do a Copyscape test on the content and see 99.9% of the content is copy and pasted from someone else’s work???

1- You request revisions and ask your writer to re-do the work.
2- Contact the buyer, and initiate a mutual cancellation request.
3- If the writer is not responsive, contact customer support and ask them to cancel the order for you.


Hi, thank you for replying. What do I do if the order is already marked as complete? Can the seller mutually refund, or do I have to go through customer service?

ask your seller to refund in a mesage, if he decline your offer, contact CS.


If I remember correctly, if the order was marked as complete, the only way to cancel it is to ask Customer Support (and it can only be done up to 13-14 days after the order was marked as complete).


I think seller can also initiate a cancellation request in the 14 days frame even if the order is marked as complete.

Yes, you can request cancellation, review modification request and modify the order. :slight_smile:

The seller can click on Resolve Now>The Buyer Was Not Satisfied with the Final Delivery>Contact Customer Support.

It still has to go through the Customer Support.

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