Plagiarism Issue



I hired a freelancer from Fiverr to work on a marketing project who passed of wikipedia content as her own. She has a stellar feedback on Fiverr. https://www.fiverr.*******
She eventually agreed to cancel the project but in future how do I decide whom to hire if even the feedbacks are so misleading? Any tips from long-term buyers?

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Well to start, I’m sorry that happened to you. Those are the kinds of buyers who make the honest ones look bad.

Second, I’d say in the finished product, if you see random noticeable mistakes or symbols that shouldn’t normally be there, then double check it. Because simple sentences that have a ton of mistakes are most likely done on purpose to get past plagiarism checkers. As for knowing before you buy?.. Request samples of their work, or make sure you have a conversation with them beforehand? Check with them on how their availability is, ask them to Include sources of where they found their information?

As an honest writer, those things are simple tasks to do. (I am a writer, even though it’s hurtful when buyers second guess my work, I have to try and remember it’s most likely because they’ve had experiences like you)

Again, I’m sorry that happened! I hope this helped! Haha


Thank you. These are really good tips. I’ll keep that in mind. Really helpful! :slight_smile:


It´s also a good idea to always rightclick-google-image-search the profile and gig images of sellers, often those who use pictures ‘borrowed’ from the internet instead of own ones don´t care about IP and copyright in their work either.


Second user who wasted two days and then asked me to cancel the project.*******
How come such writers have good reviews? I am never using Fiverr again to hire any writer. What a waste of time.

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Another freelancer who I was interviewing sent this. Definitely there is no one monitoring such fake accounts.

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Please report them.

And in case, you have seconds thoughts about “never using Fiverr again”, please heed the advice given to you by @miiila That na****** person uses a stock image as profile pic and - if you contact them you see their local time - is most certainly not from the US.

What do you expect buying from obvious liars?


Fiverr relies on users to report suspicious accounts. Please report all of them with screenshots and proofs.