Plagiarism on fiverr?


Hello there!

I’ve created my first gig 8 days ago and it’s going well so far. However I’ve just received an email from a girl in the Usa (I’m in England) proposing a similar gig and asking if I want to collaborate with her.

After having a look at her gig, I’m finding myself quite annoyed… Our gigs aren’t just quite similar (both French girls proposing some translation) but she’s basically copied and pasted my user introduction and the text of my gigs and just changed a few words here and there. She has created her gig and account 5 days ago.

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks for your help



People copying gigs has been happening a lot recently. With translation gigs it can be difficult. I’m sure there are plenty of people offering a similar service, but that doesn’t warrant copying the full gig.

You could reply to her and make your grievance clear. Ask her to remove it, or change it to something unique. Otherwise, you would need to speak to Customer Support.



Take a screenshot of hers and your gig. Or, copy and paste the links in a message to Fiverr customer support. While you won’t be told what happens because of user privacy, they may do something about it. Welcome to the world of copying and pasting of gigs. It happens more often than you know. I’ve had it happen several times.

Actually, I had it happen with a user of another site. He was not only using my entire gig description from Fiverr but also the copyrighted picture I had gotten from a friend. Needless to say, any gig (and that particular writing gig) of his is no longer being offered. I wonder why :smiley: