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Plagiarism on Fiverr



I am new to Fiverr or and other website like it so I don’t know how to handle this type of issue. I bought a gig form a seller that had no reviews and no gigs in queue, I should have known better but his description said he writes specifically for my niche, health, nutrition and fitness. He messaged me with the article asking if it was OK and on my fist read it was fine, needed some tweaking but it was what I was looking for. After running through a couple online plagiarism checks, about half of it is lifted from yahoo answers and other sources. I msged him back saying I cant use it. My question is should I give him the chance to revise or just cancel?



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Did they just copy and paste their answers? If they did I would just cancel.


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Thanks again for your question.


I agree with ScriptWizard, and recommend leaving a feedback comment on his gig page stating that you ran some plagiarism checks and found that roughly half his writing was plagiarized. If you don’t, some other users are likely going to print his plagiarized writing, and get sued, banned from a key site they use or publicly ridiculed for plagiarism, and you’ll have skipped preventing it, which in IMHO is not good karma. Consider that Jayson Blair got fired for plagiarism and the New York Times looked really bad due to it. It’s not a small thing. If you cancel the order, the negative feedback might get deleted. I’m not sure if canceling negates your ability to leave feedback, so you might want to check. If it does, I’d rather warn everyone else on Fiverr and give up my $5, than get a refund and have some others get some major headache and heartache. If nobody speaks up, we all lose money on lame gigs, and in the case of plagiarism, the effects can be quite a lot worse.


What percentage was plagiarized? If significantly less than half, I would give the benefit of the doubt and ask for revisions.


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I think if this is what he will produce for his first really important gig he is only going to get even lazier when he grows his roots & becomes confident in Fiverr. Nobody should produce copy/paste content to those that rely on what is promised 100% original content. Imagine if she took it to word landed the article on her blog or website & then inevitably got her website struck off by GOOGLE for duplicate content… Would he compensate her for that?

Give him the chop I say or even better warn everyone else from using him… That’s the only clear message to send.


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Reply to @vedmak: I meant by giving them a poor review… I sometimes often put people’s names in my messages here in the forum, is that fragglerocked too & is there some kind of horrendous Fiverr punishment for doing it?


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Reply to @sleepypumpkin: according to the website I used to check the article it was 46% plagerized. It also gave links to the originals. He just took fragments from yahoo answers and some other related forums and strung them together.


Reply to @wendym: according to the website I used it is 46% plagerized.


Reply to @vedmak: thx for the reply. Last I heard from him, he is going to recheck the article.


Reply to @scriptwizard: thx for the advice. I am going to cancel and look for some one else that will deliver what they advertise.


One word for you dear keep patience


I think with nearly half of the pieces plagiarised, I’d find another writer. I’ve had two instances where work has shown up on plagiarism detectors - one was when it was the keyword phrase that the buyer wanted to use so that was easy enough to explain when sending; the second was from a website that I’d never seen, had nothing to do with the content written and was because a cliche was used in the piece so I took the cliche out (but I checked BEFORE sending to the buyer so there were no problems on that end).

Someone who’s sending 46% copied work wants to make a quick buck and has realised that they can’t get away with it. That’s not a mistake in a phrase or problems with the keyword phrase - that’s someone who can’t be bothered to write something in their own words. It’s so important for a writer to run their work through plagiarism detectors before sending - I was just having a conversation with an editor last month about how certain phrases just get stuck in your head and it’s so easy to write them without realising that you’re copying them. Those plagiarism detectors are a great way of pulling your own mistakes up before someone else does it for you.

I’m just wondering…does the profile say how long the user has been on Fiverr? I know some can be buyers for months before creating gigs but I’d be a little dubious about someone being on Fiverr for a year or more with a gig that hasn’t been rated at all and there are no orders in the queue.


Hi @vedmak, I agree Fiverr needs to review the system, especially with regards to plagiarism and fraud (such as selling of clearly stolen designs). If a plagiarism check shows more than 15% of writing was copied verbatim from other sites, or if a logo design was clearly copied (i.e. not the idea, but the actual detailed design was copied), Fiverr should ban the person regardless of their level, and block them if they try to use the same email, bank account, mailing address or credit card to register a new account. Of course a new email is easy, but most sellers will only have so many bank accounts or mailing addresses where payments can be sent. Banning also send them back to the starting level, which is a reason to avoid being banned. If they get banned once, they will act better the next time.

Since most sellers will prevent negative feedback from reaching their gig page by offering to cancel, and most buyers would prefer to have the cash versus giving feedback, the Fiverr system doesn’t weed out people who plagiarize and sell stolen items, and unsuspecting people will be hurt.

It’s already a problem on Fiverr that most sellers have 98 to 100% approval ratings. They mean relatively little, so Buyers have to spend a lot of time on trying to assess potential Sellers to try to figure out which ones are actually good quality and which ones are not. And since most have 99 to 100% approval ratings, and don’t have any negative comments in the last 50 comments, and have cobbled together a few good looking work samples, it’s a guessing game on who’s good. I used a designer with 100% approval ratings and was a TRS who did horrible work, as if they were a 6th grader just learning design.

I think the system hurts the high quality people to a good degree because they look roughly the same as the poor quality people. The majority of buyers, if they have a bad experience their first time here, might not come back. Most people draw quick conclusions about places, and won’t come back if they find a site is sketchy. I know that plenty of sellers are good or great, so I think they would want to see a change so they get more business.


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