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What are the rules against plagiarism here? I had someone create a book cover for me, it looked nothing at all like the samples displayed in his gig. I since found each of the 3 samples elsewhere on the Internet, 2 of them were from a premium book cover design service. I contacted them via email, the other was from another design service, not to the same standard of the first two. All 3 were vastly better though than what the designer here ended up providing. I did close the gig with him for the $5, and gave him a review of 3.5 stars - because he was quick. He then contacted me asking why I didn’t give him 5 stars as he expected and asked me to change the review and also asked for a $10 tip. I got annoyed with his request, and did some digging - finding the three “sample” pics on the internet within a few minutes.
I also contacted the premium company and gave them the name of the freelancer here, and they have confirmed they are their designs and their normal fee is over $100.

Sorry to hear what happened to you. Sadly, there are some sellers here who simply take images from websites and claim them to be theirs, so for future purchases ( if you are willing to give Fiverr another chance), when you come across a person doing any kind of a design/illustration gig, I strongly suggest you to do google search and check if the image really belongs to that person.

For now, the best thing to do I believe is contact Customer Support.
I’m amazed that this seller had the nerve to ask for a $10 tip! I’m actually a bit surprised that you didn’t cancel the order, if I were you, I would have canceled the gig and get my money back the moment I noticed the image did not belong to this seller.
Sellers like this really upsets me because it makes the other honest sellers and Fiverr look bad. I’m not sure if this person is going will get kicked out of Fiverr, but at least his ebook cover gig should get deleted.

I hope you can find another seller who can work on your ebook cover.

I only went looking after he asked for the tip as it annoyed me. I did consider cancelling the order, as really wasn’t happy with his work but tried to be fair as he is trying to build a business. So closed it, paid him for his time and will use my placeholder I think for this e-book, it’s only as a free download on my website anyway. So far with fiverr, I’ve had to cancel 1 order because it wasn’t delivered on time, about to cancel a second order (for the same item and for the same reason, been waiting almost 2 weeks now with the second one), and this guy … and one ebook cover completed absolutely perfectly, far beyond my expectations.

The seller has done several things that would lead me to report him to customer service. I understand many people are looking to build a business but that does not excuse him asking for a tip and having a fake portfolio. People like this give Fiverr a bad name and it affects all of the honest sellers. Customer service may just warn them or delete that particular gig, reporting them doesn’t mean that they will be gone.
Fiverr cannot keep track of all sellers and so it is up to users to report those that break the rules or act unprofessionally.