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Plagiarisms detection

Can Turnitin detect gigs that I have brought through fivver

Why not? :slight_smile:

If you use my gig, Turnitin will never be able to detect your essay: :wink:

Turnitin will only detect the plagiarised text. If the seller has written a custom content that would never happen.

Reply to @d_seogirl: Hello! That will NEVER happen when a customer makes use of my gig (see my rating/feedback). Turnitin is not able to detect the files I produce at all. However, I can also decide what paragraphs/sentences it should detect :wink:

Turnitin is awful. They put YOUR work into their database, and use it without any compensation. Most universities will allow you to opt-out of Turnitin. Do this the very first semester you’re able. Why should they be able to store your work in their database and use it for free?

Reply to @pkgentry: I totally agree.

Unfortunately, some schools won’t let you opt out of Turnitin, and to make matters worse they are willing to give thousands of dollars to a company that is basically a scam. Unbelievable.

I always use for all of my research papers, it only costs $3.50 and it has been tested to get past turnitin.

Reply to @andresenriquec: other sites do the same thing for free, that is to say paraphrasing automatically. The main problem is that when their (very rudimental) algorithm produces the same text, Turnitin will consider it “plagiarized” because it has already been submitted, or a similar version has already been submitted.

In other words, you can save $3.50 and change the text yourself.