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Plagiarized Content and Spam

Content removed - user blocked and reported to staff.

what is wrong with you. seriously. you did the exact same thing yesterday and here you go again. This time you have taken extracts from an article from an art blog added your own rubbish to it and spun it so much your head must be spinning round as well. Don’t you see the Irony in what you have done? you have copied an article about theft, which is exactly what you are doing with other peoples content and rewritten it as meaningless nonsense. Is this how you write your translation gigs.

thank you

In one ear and out the other?

You were also given a final warning yesterday. Perhaps today is the day to get your real attention.

People like you make others vote for Trump.

Are you saying he is pushing his luck?

It will take even more than this for some of us.

Some people clearly don’t have perfect Arabic calligraphy in their life. Tsk, tsk.


He even came back with a new username, so I’d say well past pushing. :slight_smile: He can’t use the forum on either one anymore, for now. Maybe he’ll make a third account. I’ve heard Trust and Safety has stepped up their protocols on users that keep ending up on the radar.