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Plagiarized Texts


When I specifically state that what you turn in to me has to be original non-plagiarized stuff and you turn in something that is ripped off the internet with nothing but a few name changes, don’t think I won’t turn you in to CS.

****** why are people so dumb?


I know of at least two writers on Fiverr who plagiarize work. My personal assumption is that they might not know that they are plagiarizing existing content but aren’t using a plagiarism checker on the final work which they are delivering their clients.

Hint: You can’t copy the above text and say:

Many people know of at least two Fiverr writers who plagiarize work. Some assume, however, that these writers might not know that they are plagiarizing. Instead, it would seem that they simply aren’t using a plagiarism checker on the final work which they are delivering their clients.

This will get picked up! It’s just word swapping and editing, not even real spinning! - Well done, though, for getting away with it if you can.


Plagiarized documents aren’t solely against the Fiverr’s ToS, they’re illegal in 99% of the World.

Reporting them goes without saying - they can get more people in trouble than simply the irresponsible Seller.

They don’t care about their business and reputation if they’re delivering them anyway.


Edited: I just remembered I know how to do it (how to check if a work is original or not). So, never mind. My mind was somewhere else, lol.


I have heard that using a plagiarism checker somehow adds the document text somewhere and even if it was plagiarism free before the checking, it will show ‘plagiarized’ AFTER the check.

Can someone shed light on this? For this reason, I have always been afraid to check my text for plagiarism.


this is false, it just cross references the work against things found online. Copyscape is very reliable and used in most major well-known venues.


Thank you for clearing that up.