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Plagiarized work from Sellers


Buyer beware. Plagiarism is crazy among article and content writers.

Many writers of blog, articles and content for your web sites, blogs etc. are doing little original work. Recently had a seller offer blog content for 30 days, 2 articles per day and the first two articles were cut and pasted EXACTLY from another website.

The gig he offered said “All original content” , “well-researched”, “sources” , “relevant photos” when, in fact, none of that happened. Even the IMAGE was the exact same one from another blogger’s site and provided not ONE reference for the entire “Cut-and-paste” they did. Amazing. HAD MORE THAN 30 REVIEWS THAT WERE POSITIVE TOO!

Be sure to try “Copyscape” and check for plagiarism.


Hope you have contacted Customer Support to inform them about this issue…


I dont know why people and self proclaimed “writers” copy stuff directly from the source as it is. Almost everyone is aware of Plagiarism Check. It is not that complicated. I wonder what that seller got out of the whole deal. Bad move. I feel sorry for your horrible experience. Wish you best of luck for future projects.


I got a refund and a learning experience. :wink:


If you know good US-UK writers on Fiverr, let me know.


I am really amazed how these scams get the jobs, I mean, I always write genuine articles, and barely get jobs, while those people with their copy-paste magic technique get dozens))
Fiverr promotes the wrong sellers.


As a writer here, it always makes me angry when other “writers” do things like that. As it is horrible for the rest of us who actually do write original work. I even had to report someone to CS because they had copied and pasted my profile information word for word, then messaged me to see if I would outsource work to them. It’s incredible the nerve some people have. :rage:

I am so sorry you went through that, and I am glad CS took care of it so quickly. :smile::+1:

One BIG thing I can say, is that if the prices/deal sounds too good to be true. It most definitely is. :-1::poop:

Another thing is that when you are having non-fiction work done. Ask the seller to include the sources they used at the bottom of the work. As hurtful as it is for us to be questioned, the real and honest writers will understand because we know we are working around people who are manipulating the system. :writing_hand::muscle:

It can get bad for sellers too here, when I first started I heard the horror stories about people’s gig descriptions and everything being copied, and free samples being stolen. I thought I was safe from that until about a week or so ago. I found my exact word for word description on a ghostwriting gig page. Granted, it is worse for buyers who actually put forth money and time, but I am just trying to tell you that there really are honest writers on here. It unfortunately just takes a little digging. :four_leaf_clover:

I also had to add a few emoji’s everything looks better with them. :koala::joy_cat:


Oh god, I know this so well!
I was one of the first travel planners around here, and I really love how people copy word by word my gig description and then they write me and ask me to help them.

I’m always shocked when people do that, I’m definitely not having this much confidence))


I think there are people who really have no idea that copying or taking someone else work is NOT OK.

I’ve told this before, but I had a gal who gave me downloaded logo. I caught her on it and attached the link where she got it. Long story short, I rejected, she gave me stolen artwork.

I gave up trying to explain and told Customer Support.

She really didn’t understand that giving away something that didn’t belong to her is theft.