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Plagiarizers masquerading as "innocent" buyers

Have you ever had a buyer ask for samples only to find out they steal your work and claim it as their own? I may stop providing writing samples for anyone who asks! But that’s a shame because if I was a buyer, I’d love to see a few samples before hitting that “buy” button.

I’ve also noticed a large volume of sellers in the writing category copying my seller bio, gig description, gig FAQs word for word. When I contact them about it, some of them change the wording and apologize, while others never respond. But with how often this happens, is it really worth pestering the fiverr team about it every single time? And trust me, I have contacted them several times and nothing seems to be done about it. Months later, the copied text from my gig is still there.

The thing is, if potential clients come across this, they may very well think I’m simply copying somebody else too. Luckily, I have enough reviews that should speak for themselves. But what if I didn’t? :frowning:

Maybe I should stop caring. Easier said than done, right? :sweat_smile:


send an already published sample, preferably on a blog or somewhere time stamped.


I don’t know how people don’t get this - it’s basic!


That’s a good idea, but the samples are already published… That’s the thing. But it doesn’t seem to stop people from stealing. -_- Or even worse, using my wording and changing it slightly to make it their own. It’s not their own, though!!

Going the no samples route sounds safer.

But then there are those buyers/sellers who buy bios from me and seem to reuse them, claiming them as their own. How do I stop that? I don’t want to decline a buyer just because they’re a seller too.

I don’t provide samples and it seems to weed out the more difficult buyers. I’ve raised my prices since I started here, but I always keep a $5 for people who want a sample. I’ve had many people buy a $5 sample and then go on to place bigger orders with me.


You don´t have to contact them. You MUST report them it’s a violation of the TOS…besides disrespectful, annoying, confusing for potential customers…they don´t know who applied who! So…yup, report them!

The issue is terrible, but the fact that it happens in the writing section is the worst!


I get at least one message a day asking for design samples - no way no how. It’s definitely easier for me since I have a visual portfolio that clients can peruse. I definitely feel your struggle on wanting to provide a sample but you should definitely protect your assets!

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