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Planet Earth 2 - Gratitude


This has nothing to do with Fiverr. But, the show Planet Earth 2 is amazing!

Really gives a sense of appreciation and gratitude for this great planet we live in, and thank goodness the digital world is helping us all connect in ways we never imagined to enjoy this planet.


What if the earth was actually flat and Hollywood has been lying to the world?
Something to ponder


@videostore: How about the earth actually being a cuboid with all existing “life” being the figment of our imaginations :smirk::? What a Hollywood way to think! Lol…

B.T.W: Hollywood never projected the idea of the earth being flat. Or is that (Hollywood) another name for scientists :confused:?


:slight_smile: Not sure about Cuboid earth hehe.

They made several movies about the flat earth actually. The Dome was one of the series made.
Then there was the truman show and several others I just cant remember right now =P

I think it’s funny how we havent been to the moon again in like 50 years but we’re talking about sending people to mars now. It’s like … “We did the moon… now we’re on to mars!” … Seems legit.


I don’t think The Dome was about a flat earth. Granted, I read the book which was definitely about the earth in it’s real state, though manipulated by spoilers. (Unseen forces and such.) I watched part of season 1 of the TV show and while it didn’t stick closely to the book, it did stick to the part where the dome only covered one particular city, so I don’t see the relationship to a flat earth. :slight_smile: (This is just good fun debate because I love books and other media.)

@silberma1976 I haven’t seen Planet Earth 2 but I’d probably like it. I end up stuck on all kinds of documentaries and such. I also have a love for weirdness in real life, though, so a lot of times I end up on sensationalist channels like TLC where I can hear about botched plastic surgery and insane survival stories. I love the one where the guy accidentally drove (at high speed) into a long steel pole that was sticking out from a gate. (Slighty graphic): The pole goes right through the engine, then through the guy’s torso, then through the seat and ends up in the back seat. Obviously he was impaled and stuck there for some time, but when they found him they were able to save him. It was amazing. They had pictures of the pole and the truck and such. Real stuff on TV is fascinating. Often true to the cliche that it’s stranger than fiction.



I was wondering, though, has anyone seen 24: Legacy? Anything close to the original 24?


I barely watch TV but stuff like this could get me off the computer (and also other things which are not watching TV) I watched a segment of it, however, in which a bunch of snakes chased a lizard… awesome to see but no way this wasn’t set up with the animals unknowingly performing a script. Still, as long as it… [quote=“silberma1976, post:1, topic:111018”]
Really gives a sense of appreciation and gratitude for this great planet we live in

… I’m in :slight_smile:

(and, @videostore Dude, stay off the Youtube.)


Yes, it’s awesome. I highly recommend it.


I was really high once on a mix of things I probably shouldn’t mention here. Anyway, aside from a brief switch to a parallel universe where I was a rotund woman in her 40’s searching for her kids at an amusement fair, I did come to the realization that the world was not just flat but quite a lot like the recent remake of Westworld also.


I don’t know, I find switching on the TV unbearable given how badly India is losing to Australia at cricket.


Videostore if the earth is flat how thick is it? Is it like a square piece of paper?

Or maybe 5 feet thick, with other people living on the other side? And a few miles wide on each side?

I need the dimensions of it and thickness of it. And if it tilts a little will we fall off?

Why do they lie about it being round? And if they don’t really have satellites, how do GPS systems navigate? Are all the people who have satellite TV just part of a huge scam?
Your theory raises lots of questions. NASA and all the telescopes, like the one I viewed Saturn through in Hawaii, part of the lie also? Was it just some papermache image INSIDE the telescope made to trick me to think that Saturn is round? And the moon, and everything else, just made up?


I used to love Life After People, because it was inspiring how the world depends on us. When we go away, buildings and bridges crumble, almost everything we have created will be destroyed by nature, with the exception of statues made on marble.


@fastcopywriter Just curious, why marble specifically? (I happened to be researching stone recently.)

Darn, I forgot you’re a writer. Now I asked for a free work product. Sorry :grin:


I was wrong, it’s granite or quartz monzonite that will last forever. Life After People said that the Stone Mountain monument in Atlanta will never decay.

Marble is also a strong stone, that’s why Rome still has so relics from their glorious past, like the Coliseum and Arch of Titus.

P.S. You didn’t ask for free work. The type of work I do is headlines, e-mails, radio, etc. This is just me entertaining myself. I only got one order today.

Fiverr is weird like that, one day you get $80, next day you get $8.


That’s interesting. I wonder why people don’t select those stone types more for building materials (other than cost, of course).

One order is better than none!
You get at least one order every day?


My brother-in-law is a contractor, so he knows more about quality stones. My condo has travertine because he says it’s a timeless stone that will always be popular, as oppose to stones that come and go. I regret it, travertine breaks very easily.

I prefer marble, tile, anything that’s pretty and easy to clean. Cost is probably the #1 factor for most people. Other considerations include maintenance, wooden floors look pretty but cleaning them requires a special machine, don’t know what it’s called. Bamboo floors I like, it’s inexpensive and bamboo is water-resistant or so I read.

As for the orders I get, they vary. On a good day I might get 9 orders, on a regular day maybe 5, and on bad days 1 or 0.


Damn…we are getting humiliated in the cricket. Getting beaten, and beaten badly at home for the first time in years.


Travertine is soft and fragile although beautiful. Marble is the hardest but unforgiving on the joints to walk on constantly. Slippery also sometimes. Ceramic tile is the most common and in such a variety that it can appeal to most tastes. It is also the easiest to take care of.
Travertine is quite expensive. I like the less expensive Mexican tiles, the terra cotta ones, in particular the ones that are slightly bigger and come in various shades. It’s quite lovely and durable and cheap.


So, I began watching the “24:Legend” today. I’d have to say it’s just as enthralling as the original 24. Similar storyline, its primary character (Eric) has a perception and psychology similar to Bauer, CTU remains a mess, as always, with all of the scheming little (okay, not so little) bastards it employs, and who’d fail to notice the conspiracies…politics…and the wonderful addition of drugs and crime. I saw myself losing sleep, blazing through all 5 released episodes. Now I need more, and this is why I prefer waiting till a season is over before I begin watching. I hate that feeling that comes with waiting for the next episode.

Okay, enough of that. I’ve not seen Planet Earth 2 and probably wouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love documentaries, but I’m captivated by crime thrillers.


Don’t know why I never found the game interesting. Pro’ly because my country has no cricket team, IDK. Give me soccer any day, and maybe Basketball. Beyond those, it’s athletics all the way.