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Planning to buy a tablet soon


Thanks to Fiverr! I am almost close to 80 bucks and I’m soon going to order my very first tablet. I cannot wait for the day I hit $120.

Thank you Fiverr, you are awesome!


Its terrible when he said he was gunna buy a tablet, i immediately thought of… like…

Wacom Intuos / Grapphire, LOl


I grow so tired of the “Apple” wars.

anarchofighter said: iPads ...blah
Maybe he could buy a bike and an android tablet for the price of an ipad, buy hey, he wanted an iPad. Its a high school kid's wish, lets not bring brand wars into it, especially since I am an Apple hater myself, so the war will really be one-sided.

anarchofighter said:
princemaxx said: A high school student. :)

I am not surprised. :) Very cool

That was vile! :P


@princemax Maybe you can learn a new skill in a couple of months and add that to your gig offerings which will increase your revenue so that you can get the iPad. I am seeing some strong potential.


iPads …blah :slight_smile:


Reply to @aweberr: Thanks for the heads up! I am waiting to get 1month old so I can activate my gig extras.


So what kind of tablet are you buying? :slight_smile:


from my first fiverr Payout i bought Xperia Worth 350$


Possibly some cheap Chinese tablet, I can’t afford an iPad.

Thinking of Jelly Bean with at least 1 gig of RAM. :slight_smile:


Reply to @retweet_twitt3r: Wow! Lucky you


That’s a wonderful outcome for you, Prince Maxx.


Reply to @anarchofighter: Yes it is, I am craving for a tablet since a very long. It goes back in 2011 when I asked my dad for an iPad and he said “Yes, you’ll get it soon son” and when I was about to order it, he changed his mind saying he’ll get it for me next week.

In-between that week, I got a call from my grandparents saying my grand-father has fallen sick and both of his kidneys have failed. My dad left to visit my grandparents and it turned out that my grandfather has to run on dialysis. Since dialysis costs are very high, my dad decided not to buy me an iPad.


How old are you?


Reply to @anarchofighter: A high school student. :slight_smile:


Hope You Get All You Want :-bd

princemaxx said: A high school student. :)

I am not surprised. :) Very cool


Reply to @retweet_twitt3r: Nah, I don’t want much. I don’t dream of becoming TRS or getting 10 orders per day. I just hope for a happy and a normal life. Oh god I’m so senti. and weird


That is great, I have a Kindle Fire and love it (I also couldn’t afford an IPAD)