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Planning to Make a Fiverr Account

Good morning everyone! So I was giving it some thought for a long time and I decided to make an account so I could try out and make writing related stuff on here. But I am caught in a bit of pickle, at the moment, I am a college student who is planning to take on college, due to complications a few months ago but I’m wondering if it is possible to make my account while in this state? I was in the process of putting on my school but at the moment I’m not sure. I was thinking of associate or bachelor’s however I am not at that point yet


I plan on going “out of office” when I go back to school. I started a month or two ago during online classes and am becoming a level one seller tomorrow.

Make sure to build up your skills but if you are skilled enough,you are welcome to Fiverr

Oh nice! Congrats! Wishing you luck on your gigs!