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Plase help me for getting first order


i am a new seller on fiver how can i get my first order please help me it would be very kind of you

Getting First Order for new seller

Have you researched your target customers, and determined where those customers are located? The best way to gain orders is by understanding your customers, and then reaching out to them (wherever they are located), and convincing them to hire you to solve their needs.


This is a real answer, But after determining customers and their location, What’s the best way to collect them !


Don’t worry you will have your first order very soon, there are many sellers who waits for months to get their first order. check this will helps you…


thanks for your advice


thanks dear for helping me


People should know about you and your work. So, Share your service to people through social media. Offer them to check out your portfolio. Once they convert/impressed , you get bundle of order.


thanks very much ……………….