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Fiverr should implement a way so that we can see single tick mark when the message sent from our side to buyer in inbox, double tick will appear when the message got delivered to the buyer when the message delivered to the buyer and double tick will appear as “Green” when buyer read that message. Because sometime we keep sending messages and we stuck in the dilemma whether the buyer intentionally ignoring our message or has not read our message yet. If we see the “Green” tick mark we could be sure that the buyer got our message and read it but ignoring.

This would be helpful for both buyers and sellers. Both can be sure that the against party is not ignoring to messages and read our messages.

What do you think about this feature? Please let me know by replying to me.



I agree with you on this. A way to see if the buyer has seen the message would be helpful. I don’t think it’s “mission critical”, but since most chat apps these days have that feature, I think it would be nice to have it on Fiverr as well. Personally I would like a total revamp of the entire chat system, to include a better collaboration tool for sharing and commenting on files, a more responsive interface, and more ways of collaboration.

@smashradio Hope Fiverr development team one day feel the same and may implement.

Agrreed 100%. I just comeup with the same idea.

Imagine it when it is buyers seeing that you have read their message though.
When there are multiple orders in progress it is common sense to check messages ASAP and to prioritise them according to how you need to deal with them.
Once the buyer sees you have read the message you should be prepared for follow ups about why are you ignoring me? etc.


That’s a great idea i agree with your opinion